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Chinese in Current Affairs--009: How to Say "Inflation Target-- Crude-Oil Prices -- China's Oscar"







What are you interested in this week? Do you care for the international oil price, the inflation level? Are you having a relaxed weekend? Now, I am preparing 3 sentences for you and hope you are interested in them and feel easy from knowing something new from Easton culture. :-)


Ben - Bernanke pledged to carry on Alan Greenspan's interest-rate policies and he suggested adopting a specific inflation target.--Bloomberg

New Words:

本-伯南克:Ben3 Bo2 Nan2 Ke4-- Ben-Bernanke
保证(发誓):bao3 zheng4(fa1 shi4) -- pledge/swear
继续(坚持):ji4 xu4(jian1 chi2) -- carry on, keep, continue
艾伦-格林斯潘:Ai4 lun2 Ge2 Lin2 Si1 Pan1-- Alan - Greenspen
:de -- 's
利率: li4 lu4 -- inereste rate
政策: zheng4 ce4 -- policy
:bing4 -- and
建议:jian4 yi4 -- suggest
采纳:cai3 na4 -- adopt
特定的:te4 ding4 de -- specific
通货膨胀:tong1 huo4 peng2 zhang4 -- inflation
目标:mu4 biao1 -- target, goal

Chinese Pronunciation:
Ben3 Nai2 Ke4 bao3 zheng4 ji4 xu4 (jian1 chi2) Ai4 Lun2 de li4 lu4 zheng4 che4 bing4 jian4 yi4 cai3 na4 te4 ding4 de "Tong1 huo4 peng2 zhang4 mu4 biao1"。

No.25b>No. 24LISTEN-TEXT:

Crude-oil prices fall below $57 per barrel.

New Words:

原油:yuan2 you2 -- crude-oil
价格:jia4 ge2 -- price
:jiang4 -- fall
降到…之下:fall below
之下: zhi1 xia2 -- below
每(一):mei,mei3 yi1 -- per. every,each
:tong3 -- barrel
57:wu3 shi2 qi1 -- fifty seven
美元:mei3 yuan2 -- dollar

Chinese Pronunciation:
Yuan2 you2 jia4 ge2 jiang4 zhi4 mei3 tong3 wu3 shi2 qi1 mei3 yuan2 zhi1 xiao4。

No.26b>No. 24LISTEN-TEXT:

Jackie Chan wins "China's Oscar"-- The China's Golden Rooster Film Reward" for first time.
--People's Daily

New Words:

成龙:Cheng1 Long2 -- Jackie Chan
首次:shou3 ci4 -- first time
羸得:ying2 de2 -- win
中国的:zhong1 guo2 de -- China's, Chinese
奥斯卡:Ao4 si1 ka3 -- Oscar
: jiang3 -- reward
金鸡奖:Zhong1 guo2 dian4 ying3 jing1 ji1 jiang3 -- The China Golden Rooster Film Reward

Chinese Pronunciation:
Cheng2 long2 shou3 ci4 ying2 de2 Zhong1 Guo2 de Ao4 Si1 Ka3 jiang3 -- "Zhong1 Guo2 Dian4 Ying3 Jin1 ji1 jiang3"

That is all for today, hope it is helpful to your Chinese learning.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , or, You are welcomed.

Written On Wed, Nov 16, 2005
Edited and Recorded On Thur, Nov 17, 2005