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Chinese in Current Affairs -- 007: How to Say " Fed Benchmark Rate -- Fight Birds Flu -- Lunar Exploration"







Hi, friends, how are you? What is your most care for this week? I guess if you are caring for your financial situation, then, maybe you are interested in something about Federal Reserve’s new benchmark rate. If you are caring for your health, maybe you are interested in somehting about birds flu...

So, I have chose three topics below as our Daily Chinese content and hope it is helpful to your Chinese learning.   :-)   



Federal Reserve raised benchmark rate again.

New Words:

美联储:Mei3 lian2 chu3 -- abbreviation of Federal Reserve
美国联邦储备委员会: Mei3 guo2 lian2 bang1 chu3 bei4 wei3 yuan2 hui4-- Federal Reserve
再次:zai4 ci4 -- again, once more
提高:ti2 gao1 -- raise
基准:ji1 zhun3 -- benchmark
利率: li4 lu4 -- interest rate, rate of interest

Chinese Pronunciation:

Mei2 lian2 chu3 (Mei guo2 lian2 bang1 chu3 bei4 wei3 yuan2 hui4) zai4 ci4 ti2 gao1 ji1 zhun3 li4 lu4。



The United States, France and China announced new efforts to fight birds flue.

New Words:

:he2 -- and
法国:Fa3 guo2 -- France
宣布:xuan1 bu4 -- announce
:yi3 --with
新(的):xin1 (xin1 de) -- new
努力:nu3 li4 -- effort
抗击:kang4 ji1 -- fight, beat back
禽流感:qin2 liu2 gan3 -- birds flu
:qin2 -- birds
流感:liu2 gan3 -- flu

Chinese Pronunciation:

Mei3 guo2, Zhong1 guo2 he2 Fa3 guo2 xuan1 bu4: jiang1 xi3 xin1 de nu3 li4 kang4 ji1 qin2 liu2 gan3。



China and Russia may cooperate in lunar exploration.

New Words:

俄罗斯:e2 luo2 si1 -- Russia
可能:ke3 neng2 -- may
合作:he2 zuo4 -- cooperation
月球:yue4 jiu2 -- moon
探测:tan4 ce4 -- exploration

Chinese Pronunciation :

Zhong1 guo2 he2 e2 luo2 si1 ke3 neng2 he2 zuo4 jin4 xing2 yue4 qiu2 tan4 ce4。

Ok, that is all for today. If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to You are welcomed.

-- Shirley
Written on Thur, Nov 3, 2005