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Chinese in Current Affairs--004: How to Say "China Launches 2nd Manned Spacecraft"







Hi, friends, today, I would like to provide 3 sentences about China' s second manned spacecraft and hope you enjoy it.


中国第二艘载人飞船 --“神舟6号”10月12日发射升空。

China's second manned spacecraft Shenzhou VI was lifted into the sky on October 12.

New Words:

中国:zhong1 guo2 -- China飞船:fei1 chuan2 -- spacecraft
神舟6号:shen2 zhou1 liu4 hao4--name of the spacecraft
6号:liu4 huao4 -- No.6
第二艘:di4 er4 sou1 -- the second (one)
载人飞船:zai4 re1 fen1 chuan2 -- manned spacecraft
载人:zai4 re1-- manned
飞船:fei1 chuan2 -- spacecraft
: yu2 -- on
10月:shi2 yue4 -- October
12日: shi2 er4 ri4
发射:fa1 she4 -- be lifted, blast off
升空:sheng1 kong1, into the sky, blastoff

Chinese Pronunciation :

Zhong1 Guo2 di4 er4 sou1 zai3 ren2 fei1 chuan2 Shen2 Zhou1 Liu4 Hao4 shi2 yue4 shi2 er4 ri4 fa1 she4 sheng1 kong1.   



Shenzhou-6 shoulders 3 tasks, first of all is to acquire more technology in manned space flight.

New Words:

肩负:jian1 fu4-- v. shoulder
三项: san3 xiang4 -- three item
任务:ren4 wu4 -- task
首先:shou3 xian1 -- first of all
:shi4 -- be, is
获得:huo4 de2 -- acquire
更多:geng4 duo1 --more
载人航天飞行:zai3 ren2 hang2 tian1 fei1 xing2 -- manned space flight
技术:ji2 shu4 -- technology

Chinese Pronunciation:

Shen2 Zhou1 Liu4 Hao4 jian1 fu4 zhe san1 xiang4 ren4 wu4, shou3 xian1 shi4 huo4 de2 geng4 duo1 de zai3 ren2 hang2 tian1 fen1 xing2 ji4 shu4.



The two Chinese astronauts aboard the spacecraft are Fei Julong and Nie Haisheng.

New Words:   

太空船上的:tai4 kong2 chuan2 shang4 de -- aboard the spacecraft
两名: lian2 ming2 -- two (ones)
中国的:Zhong1 guo2 de -- Chinese
宇航员:yu3 hang2 yuan2 -- astronaut
:shi4 -- be, are
费俊龙: Fei4 Jun4 Long2
: he2 -- and
聂海胜: Nie4 Hai3 Sheng4

Chinese Pronunciation:
Tai4 kong1 chuan2 shang4 de lian3 ming2 yu3 hang2 yuan2 shi4 Fei Jun4 Long2 he Nie4 Hai3 Sheng4.

Ok, are you interested in this topic? I do hope it has a little help to your Chinese learning.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to, you are welcomed.

Written and Edited on Thur., Oct 13, 2005
Recorded on Sat., Oct 15, 2005