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Chinese Classical Poem--0012: Chi Le Ge -- A Song Of Chi Le



Hi, friends, today I would like to introduce a new Chinese classical poem Chi Le Ge-- Song Of Chi Le.This is a very famous Chinese classical Poem, it was sung by a nation of Chi Le.

Chi Le was an ancient nomad nationality in the Chinese North. They lived in Chinese Southern and Northern Dynasties (A.D. 420 - A. D.580). They were good at making high vehicles, so, they were also called high vehicle nation in the history. When they came to the Chi Le plain (Today's North of Shanxi ) by the Yinshan Mountains (today's inner Mongolia) by their high vehicles and flocks and herds. They chose to settle down in the beautiful place.

Later, when their army was in the most difficult time in a war, an old Chi Le general--Hu Lu Jin ɽ led his soldier to sing this poem. The song made them tear and and they decided to protect their own land, so, they changed to be in a high emotion and excited hearts and their team was not fail, but came back to their capital together. So, we can also think it was also a war song in the history...

It is a pity as most of the classical poems, its music has lost.

For helping you to remember the lyrics and to feel that feelings of the poem, I wrote a piece of music for you to match the poem on the airplane and in Wuxi City during my trip, and hope it is helpful...


Chi Le plain,
By the Yinshan Mountains,
The sky is just like yurt,
to envelop the expanse of the open ground

The sky is so vast and hazy,
the open country is so boundless,
As soon as the grass is low by the wind,
flocks and herds are appeared here or there.


մ--Chi4 Le4 chuan1
ɽ--Yin Shang xia4
® -- tian1 si4 qiong2 lu2
Ұ--long2 gai4 si4 ye3

Բ-- tian1 cang1 cang1
Ұãã -- ye3 mang2 mang2
紵ݵͼţ-- fang1 chui1 cao3 di4 xian4 niu2 yang2


մ: Chi4 Le4 chuan1-- Chi Le Plain, place name
ɽ: Yinshan xia4-- by (next) the Yinshan Mountain
ɽ:Yin Shang -- Yinshan Mountains, place name
: xia4 -- below, next
®: tian1 si4 qiong2 lu2 -- The sky is just like yurt
: tian1 -- sky
: si4 --like
®:qiong2 lu2 -- yurt
Ұ: long2 gai4 si4 ye3-- envelops the surrounding country
:long2 gai4 -- envelop
Ұ:si4 ye3 -- all around, the surrounding country, vast expanse of open ground
Բ: tian1 cang1 cang1--the sky is so vast and hazy, dark green
Բ: be vast and hazy, dark green,
Ұãã: -- ye3 mang2 mang2-- open country is boundless
Ұ:ye3 -- open country, wild country, champaign
ãã:mang2 mang2 -- boundless, vast
紵ݵͼţ: fang1 chui1 cao3 di4 xian4 niu2 yang2 -- flocks and herds can be seen
as soon as the wind blows the grass lower
: feng1 -- wind
: chui1 -- blow
: cao3 di1 ? grass
: be low,
: xian4 ? appear, see
ţ:flocks and herds, cow and sheep
ţ: cattle, ox, cow
: sheep, goat

I did feel it is very difficult to created a piece of music for this poem for I would like to express the vast, peaceful of the grassland and history of this poem has recorded of Chi Le Nationality. This poem was sung at the first with XianPi Language and be translated to be Hai Language later. LISTEN TO SHIRLEY SANGE THE POEM

Just hope to get your comments, suggestions, and directions. :-) You are welcome to publish your opinions via the "forum" on this web site and also you are welcome to write to

Written, Edited and Recorded on Sat., Oct 8, 2005