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Chinese in Current Affairs 001: How to Say "Hurricane in the U.S." in Chinese







Hi, friends, someone of you responded that my Chinese is too difficult to learn for a beginner. After thinking of this problem for awhile, I would like to offer you something nonscheduled and nonpolitical that be concerned by most of poeple in the the world . Let's see, whether it's better. Ok?

Below there are 3 sentences about the hurricane in the U.S..



-- Hurricane has brought a huge disaster to the U.S.

New Words:

hurricane: ju4 feng1 --飓风
to: gei3 -- 给
the U.S.: Mei3 Guo2 -- 美国
bring: dai4 lai2 -- 带来
huge: ju4 da4 de --巨大的
disaster: zai1 nan4--灾难

Chinese Pronunciation:

Ju4 feng1 gei3 mei3 guo2 dai4 lai2 ju4 da2 (de)zai1 nan4.



--Thousands of cars evacuated to Dallas.(

New Words:

thousands:shu4 qian1 -- 数千
thousand: qian1, one qian1 -- 千, 一千
car:qi4 che1,xiao3 qi4 che1 -- 汽车, 小汽车
evacuate: shu sa4, che4 chu1 -- 疏散,撤出
to: wang3, dao4 -- 往,到
Dallas: Da2 la si1 达拉斯

Chinese Pronunciation:
Shu4 qian1 liang4 qi4 che1 che4 wang3 da2 la1 si1.



-- Hurricane has caused international oil price going up.

New Words:

cause: dao3 zhi4, yin3 qi3 -- 导致,引起
international oil price : guo2 ji4 you2 jia4, guo2 ji4 shi2 you2 ji24 ge2 -- 国际油价, 国际石油价格
international: guo2 ji4 de
oil: you2, shi2 you2 -- 油, 石油
price : jia4 ge2 -- 价格
go up : shang4 zhang3, zhang3 jia4 -- 上涨, 上扬, 涨价

Chinese Pronunciation:

Ju4 feng1 dao3 zhi4 guo2 ji4 you2 jia4 shang4 yan2.

Ok, When I work until now, I do feel the content is too much, so, maybe next time, we can reduce something. :-)

I am sorry for the disasters in the U.S. and I really hope people who are suffering the Hurricane will be safe and lucky from the disaster and go back their homestead as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , you are welcomed.

Written on Fri., Sep 23, 2005
Edited and Recorded on Sun., Sep 25, 2005