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Chinese Classical Poem 0117 & Shirley Created Music-0074: Xie Ting Songbie (by Xu Hun) - Sending-Off - April 18, 2010/July 18, 2007


Listen to Shirley Created Music and Sang the Poem April 29, 2007
Shirley Created Picture & Calligraphy for the Poem July 18, 2007

Follow Shirley to Read the Poem in Chinese -- Recorded April 29, 2007)
Read the Meaning of the Poem -- Wrote April 29, 2007

I am sure, every one has some experience to see someone off. How do you express your feelings when you see a friend or a family off? There are thousands and thousands poems to express this kind of feelings in Chinese literature field and I have also introduced many of them for you already. Today, I would like to introduce a new one by Tang Dynasty poet Xu Hun Xie Ting Songbie -- Sending-off by Xie Storied Building

With 28 characters, this poem has written several views with some song, mountain, river, boat, wine and building, and makes all of them together to paint out several beautiful views.

You see:

In a piece of songs of sending-off, a friend of the poet was sailing on a boat over a river, between the green mountains with red leaves, seeing his friend was going far away while drank a cup of wine one by one and getting sleepy unconsciously. At the nightfall time, he suddenly woke up, and found his friend could not been seen again, in a rain and wind, he went down the West storied building...

I enjoy this poem for it has combined sound of song, colors, landscapes and characters together, to create a very beautiful view with a strong feeling with his art of language. :-)

As usual, I have created a piece of music to match it, and I have played it and sung it. Also, I have written some calligraphy for it, and hope you enjoy them and they will be a little bit help to you to learn Chinese language and culture.

You can to the calligraphy of this peom via the link below:

Shirley Written Chinese Calligraphy -- Running Regular 010


Sending-off by Xie Storied Building

By Xu Hun( Tang )

Untying a sailing boat in the song sound of sending-off,
my friend is sailing on a boat over the rushing water,
between the green mountains with red leaves on the banks,
At the nightfall time,
I suddenly wake up from my drunk,
And my friend could not been seen again,
In a rain and wind all over the sky,
I have to go down of the West storied building…


Please hit any Chinese character that you need help with, to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, and meaning and follow me to read it.


许浑 (   )



If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to or You are welcome to publish your opinions in Message Board as well.

Shirley Zhang

Written, Sung, Translated and Recorded on Sun, April 29, 2007