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Vocabulary In Chinese 001(No.001-003): Forty New Words About Vehicles


Below are some new words about vehicles that I collected and edited in 2006. Then, I just started the column of Vocabulary In Chinese, and every thing was in the exploring phase. Now, I am re-reading and listening to it and I think that maybe it will be some useful for you to learn and to remember some Chinese words. So, I open it here for you and hope it is helpful.

-- Shirley Zhang
Sat, Feb 28, 2009



Hi, friends, today is the first time we start a new column Vocabulary in Chinese. I would like to introduce some new words about vehicles.

You can hit any Chinese character that you need helped, to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, meaning and follow me to read it.

Hope my new explore will be a little bit helpful to your Chinese learning.

Please click on any Chinese character that you need help with to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, meaning and then to read it after me..

If you have any difficult to read Chinese character, or you can not hear my voice file Download A Software on the Homepage to Help You. . :-)

Vocabulary In Chinese 001:Vehicle -- 交通工具

No.001: Airplane -- 飞机


No.002: Vehicle --

火车 地铁 地下铁道(列) 地下铁道

汽车 出租汽车 出租车 小汽车 卡车 敞蓬车 面包车

公共汽车 大客车 巴士 大巴

小型公共汽车 中客车 小巴


自行车 脚踏车 三轮车


No.003: Boat and Ship --

小船 舢板 渔船 帆船 轮船 游船 游艇

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Written, Translated and Recorded It On Sat, April 8, 2006