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Chinese Chracaters -- 002: Chinese Characters' Creating Models


Since we have known something about   Chinese Characters' Development, I would like to introduce the 4 models of Chinese characters' creating. To see how a Chinese character was made via 4 models. I am thinking that if have known how Chinese characters were made in the ancient time and how they have changed later. You will feel easier to remember and to write and to read a Chinese character.   

For helping you to understand what I am talking, please see the picture that I have made for you at the first:

Now you can find 4 kinds of creating models:

1. Xiang Xing -- Pictographic character was created according to the material objects. I have showed you the same style in Chinese Characters' Developmentpart except some characters on this picture.

2. Zhi Shi --   It has made a sign on a Chinese character, to show you its meaning. For example:

a knife + a point = knife edge

3. Hui Yi ? It has combined some Chinese characters together to expresses a new meaning. There are about 1170 Chinese characters were made by the way Hui Yi. For example:

When a person is sitting by a tree, means "rest".

a sun + a moon = bright

4. Xing Sheng -- Making a part of a Chinese character to expresses the meaning and to make the part/parts of a character to express the sound. Most of Chinese characters are Xing Sheng words For example:

water (profile) + lake(sound) = a lake

Most of characters relate to wood, will have a part of wood.

So, if you have known the rules of Chinese Characters' creating. Then you will feel easy to learn and to master Chinese characters.

Later,I will show you the structures of Chinese characters and how to write and read them. I really hope what I have learned to do will be a little bit help to you to learn Chinese characters.   

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , or, You are welcomed.
Shirley Zhang
Written, Edited on Sun, Oct 21, 2007