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Have You Learned Chinese Pronunciation Via Pinyin?


Along with the opening and development of China, more and more friends from the other cultures would like to learn Chinese language and come to Shirley's World via Google searching or the other ways.

I am happy that most of friends enjoy this little web site and many friends would like to learn to speak in Chinese via help by some tools.

For helping you and all of the friends who would like to learn Chinese pronunciation via some tools, I would like to open a new column here to help you to learn pronunciation via Chinese Pinyin.

As Chinese "Phonetic Symbol", Chinese Pinyin was created from 1949 to 1958 and it is used to help people to learn Chinese official language -- mandarin.

Chinese Pinyin is made up of some parts below:

* Alphabet -- It is same as the 26 English letters.   

* Initial Consonants -- Initial consonant (of a Chinese syllable); there are 21 initial consonants in Chinese mandarin.

* Vowel Table -- simple or compound vowel (of a Chinese syllable), there are 38 vowels in Chinese mandarin.   

* Tone Marks -- there are 4 tones in Chinese.

* Dividing Marks

* Rules of Pronunciations

* Tone Changing -- Sometimes, some Chinese syllables have to change its tones.

I will try to show you them one by one via some examples and hope they will offer you a tool to read and speak in Chinese.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to, or, You are also welcome to publish your opinions in Forum For Friends. :-)   

-- Shirley Zhang

Sunday, October 7, 2007