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Flowers and Birds Landscapes

This is my 98th Gouache painting. Instead of working on this kind of painting, I have been working on Chinese Gongbei (Realistic Painting) painting and

This is my 97th Gouache. I drafted it 2 weeks ago and colored it with Chinese Gong Bi style 1 week ago. This week, I worked on it for about 25 hours with Gouache style. When I colored it, I tried to use the Chinese Gongbi style and left some lines on the leaves, but, it was difficult to deal with th...more

This is my 96th Gouache. I drafted it as my Chinese Gong Bi practice for my art lesson. But, the teacher could not offered the lesson for 2 weeks. That is why I tried to make it to be colored on some Gouache paper with gouache colors, tools and style. :-)
I gave the title "Let Dance" f...more

This is my 95th Gouache. I gave it a name "Hi, Butter fly, Please Waiting For Me..." I wanted to express the fun that a young chick is running to follow a butterfly... She is shouting and asking the butterfly to stop and wait for her... :-)

I drafted it for my art lesson last Satur...more

This is my 94th Gouache.

I drafted it for my art lesson on Saturday, because the time in the lesson is too short for a complete picture. But, after painting it with Chinese Gongbi style yesterday. I did not want to stop yet. So, I painted this one with Gouache + Chinese Gongbi style. I do wa...more

This is my 93rd Gouache. I worked on it for 3 weeks and I have given it a name "Greeting In the Golden Sunshine ":-)

Anyway, when I have completed it now, I do not think that I dealt with the part of left and under well, the colors seem a little dirty. So, I should deal with it aga...more

This is my 92nd Gouache. I worked on it for over 1 month. I have been hoping to make my picture has a life and sentiment via the main parts on it, to express some feelings and recepts since I learned to create something by myself. So, when I was designing or coloring a new picture, I do feel that I ...more

This is my 91st Gouache. I drafted it before this May and colored it in the May Day holiday -- one of the important Chinese national holidays. :-)

Can you imagine? On the last day, I colored it for over 12 hours. :-) It was very hard and tired job, but, I did enjoy seeing the flowers to be co...more
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