Planning for the New Year...Shirley's 68th Friendly Greeting... Sun, Dec 17, 2006

How are you? Have you had a good week? I do hope everything is well with you and had an easy weekend.

This week, there are so many things happening, so that I do not know where I should start now.

Simply speaking, the biggest thing in the city is to welcome the International University Student League to check out of the work for applying to be the host qualification of the 26th International University Students Sports.

The biggest thing in the company is to collect the account receivable before the end of this year. It seems like we will create a good revenue that is exceeding our target, while we are making the summary of 2006 and plan the work for 2007. Except my researching work, I am working a small test project ? around of the yearly reports of the listed companies, fund companies and stockjobbers, to organize our special news reports, investigation, service and activity via our TV, magazine,newspaper, web sites, mobile phone system via some new running model.

In my mind, I am also planning my own work and life for 2007 and for later coming time. I am going to work harder to help the company to develop and to train the young managers as many as possible. To think of retiring from my current position at a suitable time, I mean that is earlier than the regular age for most of people, then to live as a normal woman while working on art, music, language and studying culture, translating and writing via my own work platform ? Shirley's World -, to pursue my dreams from my childhood and I have prepared for this time already about 4 years. However, if there is not anything that I am wishing to happen during the time as I am expecting, I will think of making a little investment on an art studio in the realistic society and entrust someone to manage it as I have done to entrust someone to manage my another investment on the other project. Now, I do think this is a really good management style on some of my own things? to focus myself on something that I really love to do and to entrust the others to work on something that they are really good in via some contracts. I do think maybe this is also a management art in the individual life field. I will not make a decision soon. I need time to see, to think and to make a decision.

How about you? Do you have any plan for 2007 and your coming life and work? What will you do for the unit that you are working for and what is your work and life target in the new year?

I am just a learner on art, music, English and the work on the web site in my free time. Anyway, I would really like to do a little bit things with what I have learned to make this little web site to be An Electronic Bridge Of Culture Exchange, Friendship, and Language Learning. During the process to help the others and to improve myself.

I do appreciate your understanding, directions and supports. I do hope to get your great help continuously now and in the coming time...

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to or, You are welcome to publish your opinions in the forum.

Written and Edited on Sun, Dec 17, 2006
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