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Vocabulary In Chinese --No.002(004-007): Forty-One New Words About Directions


Hi, friends, last weekend, we learned some new words about vehicles. Today, I would like to offer you some new words about directions. Hope it is helpful to your Chinese learning and your trip in China.

Please hit any Chinese character that you need to be helped, to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, meaning and follow me to read it.

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Vocabulary In Chinese 002:Directions -- 方向

No.004: East,West, South and North   --   西

东面 西边 东南 东北
西 西面 西边 西南 西北
南面 南边
北面 北边

No.005: Above, Below, Left, Right --

上面 上边

下面 下边

左面 左边
右面 右边

No.006: ahead,behind --

前面 前边
后面 后边

No.007: high, low --


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Written, Translated and Recorded It On Sun, April 23, 2006

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