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Vocabulary In Chinese--007: New Words About Football(Soccer)


Hi friends, have you been watching the World Cup on TV? Are you interested in it? Anyway, today I would like to present you with some new words about football/soccer in Chinese and hope it is a little help to you in improving your Chinese...


Please click on any Chinese character that you need help with to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation and meaning, and then to read it after me.

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the World Cup: shijiebei -- 世界杯
football / soccer:   -- zuqiu -- 足球
football: meishi zuqiu -- 美式足球
soccer: yingshi zuqiu -- 英式足球
football /soccer game: zuqiu bisai -- 足球比赛
football /soccer game: zuqiusai -- 足球赛
play football/soccer:   -- 踢足球
football/soccer court /field: zuqiu chang --   足球场
a soccer team: zuqiu dui -- 足球队
footballer: zuqiu yundongyuan 足球运动员
football coach: zuqiu jiaolian 足球教练
forward:   qianfeng -- 前锋
center forward: zhongfeng -- 中锋
winger: bianfeng --   边锋
sweeper: houwei -- 后卫
goalkeeper:   shoumenyuan -- 守门员
coach:   jiaolian -- 教练
head coach:   zhu jiaolian -- 主教练
referee: caipan -- 裁判
football fans: zuqiumi -- 足球迷
cheer team : lalabiu -- 啦啦队
the football circles: zuqiudui -- 足球界
the football circles:   zutan -- 足坛
champion: guanjun -- 冠军
the second place: yajun -- 亚军
the third place: disanming -- 第三名

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Written, Translated and Recorded It On Sat, June 17, 2006

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