English Lesson --012: Checking And Comments About "Chinese Popular Song--004: The Contribution Of Love"--by Mr. Mike   J.(Britain)

I am so lucky that I have got much help from many friends. Mr. Mike J. ( England)is just a good friend who has been keeping on helping on my English writing since 2002. This week, I would like to publish his last check one by one and comments about my writing as an English lesson. I do hope it is helpful to the friends who are learning English as the second or third language...

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-- Shirley
Mon, Jan 22, 2006


According to the plan, I should continue to learn a Chinese Xinjiang Folk this weekend, but, a report in the local newspaper made me so touched so that I changed my idea.

According to my plan, I should have continued to learn a Chinese Xinjiang folksong this weekend, but a report in the local newspaper touched me so much that I changed my mind.

Mr. Cong Fei was dead yesterday when he was only 37 year old as an Angel of Love of our city.

Mr Cong Fei died yesterday at only 37 years old, and was regarded as the Angel of Love of our city.

When someone loses their life, they die, and in the past tense, died, or sometimes we say, euphemistically, that they “passed away” as in: “My grandmother passed away last Sunday”, meaning that she died last Sunday.

Our mayor and the city government asked all of the residents to learn from him. Mr. Cong Fei is a professional musician and he could makes much money and lived in a very good life.

Mr Cong Fei was a professional musician and could have made a lot of money and had a very good life style.

…asked all the residents…(the “of” is not needed)

But, in the past 10 years, he had sung 360 times as a volunteer, he worked 3600 hours as a volunteer.

But for the last 10 years he has sung 360 times for charity and worked 3600 hours voluntary work.

Also he gave 178 poor children over 3 million of his own money who are living in the poor mountain area in Guizhou province and helped them to complete their education... even after he was dead, his eye cornea were contributed to help 3 blind people according to his wishes... Anyway, he had been lived in a poor life so that his stomach sickness changed to be cancer. His first wife left from him...

He also gave over 3 million Yuan of his own money to help 178 children from a poor mountain area in Guizhou province and enabled them to complete their education. Even after he died, his corneas were donated according to his wishes and were used to help 3 blind people. Anyway, he lived in poverty and the stomach sickness he was suffering from turned out to be cancer. His first wife left him.

Corneas, not eye corneas…because the cornea is part of the eye and no other part of the body, you don’t need to say “eye corneas”.

I assume you mean that his stomach sickness was later discovered to be cancer, not that a different illness turned into cancer.

I am also so touched by his second wife-- Ms. Xing Dan as very beautiful air hostess who had touched by Mr. Cong Fei so that she gave up her job to go into his life to support him, to help him to look after his daughter when he was in the most difficult and poor time. Even, even though she knew he had a cancer, she kept birth a lovely baby for her husband...

Ms Xing Dan, a very beautiful air hostess who was so touched by Mr Cong Fei that she gave up her job to join him in his life and support him, to help look after his daughter during his poorest and most difficult time. Even though she knew that he had cancer, she still gave birth to a lovely baby for her husband…

>Maybe: “I am also very touched…”

From both of them, I have seen the most beautiful and the greatest love in the world. I have felt the truest love in the world. I am thinking that maybe someday, I will also follow their road to go to found a school for the children in some poor place, to live there as a countryside teacher for those children after I have finished my employee life? I am not sure at this time, but, I do admire the two people who I have not known yet.

I do feel both of them had chose and lived with a most meaningful style. With a very respected and touched heart, I sang a Chinese popular song -- The Contribution of Love with tears to memory Mr. Cong Fei and to comfort his wife--Ms. Xing Dan...

I feel that both of them had chosen and lived a most meaningful life. With a very respectful and touched heart…

…to the memory of…
…maybe someday I will also… (no comma needed)
…follow their path and found a school…
…I do admire these two people who I have never known…

I hope that this helps!.... :-)