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Artistic Life & Art of Life

-- Foreword

That was in 2005, the 3rd year that I had re-started to learn painting and vocal music, one of my foreign teachers suggested me to write a book and thought that if I could share my ideas and thoughts with the others, it would help more people.

In fact, writing was one of my many dreams since my childhood. Except I wished to be an artist of painting and music, I also hoped to be a doctor and a writer.

However, destiny made me as most of my same age people, the Culture Revolution happened when I just entered the elementary school. Then, I went to the border land with thousands upon thousands middle young students together, became a young teacher who was 15 year old. After the Culture Revolution was finished, I just had an opportunity to be a university student in 1978, then a college teacher.

On the New Year's Day 1992, I came to Shenzhen -- the first special economy zone of China, the front line of China's Opening and Reform. As most of Shenzhen people, I have experienced the processes to find a job, to be a journeywork, to change my profession, to work hard, to study hard, to be a formal employee, to attend tests, becoming a Shenzhen resident;then again, to hard work, to hard study, to take more degrees, to get promotions, to be a manager, to buy house, car, to send my child abroad and completed my biggest duty... Finally, I could have a deep breathe, to recall my life, to plan my future and to make my childhood's dreams to be true.

So, I started to learn piano since 2000; to learn vocal music since 2002; to re-learn painting and driving since 2003; to became a former student who majors in English in the best foreign language university, get the qualification certificate of the 7th grade of Chinese Bird and Flower Painting, to be a student for master degree in the US in 2008; held art exhibition, painting demonstration and workshops in some American schools, universities and art center, got two 10th Grade of   certificates of Chinese Gongbi and Xieyi Paintings in 2009... Painting, music, language and Writing learning and creating have become an important part of my life.

I have made the basis of career and life via the hard work for about 30 years; I will go forward with art learning and creating for another 30 years, to learn "art of life" and to complete the "artistic life".

I do wish that you will be with me together, to share the beauty and fragrance of the artistic life ang art of life...

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, welcome to write to shirley@ebridge.cn, you can also publish your opinions in Forum . :-)   

--Shirley Zhang
Written on June 28,2005
Editted on August 23, 2008/March 8, 2010