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Shirley's 27th Chinese Running Regular Calligraphy: An Evening Scene in the Spring River


Listen to Shirley Singing the Poem Sep 16, 2007
Listen to Shirley to Read the Poem Sun, Feb 25,2005
Shirley Created Picture for the Poem
Shirley Written Chinese Calligraphy for It
Learning the Meaning of the Poem

This is my 27th Chinese calligraphy that I have written on my 14th combinative painting to match a Chinese classical poem by Su Shi in Song Dynasty (960 -- 1279) . And hope you enjoy it. I have created a picture, music and have introduced its meaning for you. You are welcomed to check them via the links over... :-)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to . You are welcomed to leave your message on Message Board.

-- Shirley Zhang
Sun, September, 16, 2007