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Shirley's 16th Chinese Running Regular Calligraphy: Ju Hua --   Chrysanthemum


Learning the Meaning of the Poem & Follow Shirley to Read It
Listen to Shirley to singing the Poem
Shirley Created Picture for the poem
Shirley Written Chinese Calligraphy for the Poem
How Chrysanthemum As Traditional Medicine & Food in Chinese Culture

Chrysanthemum is another flower that has been planted for several thousand years in China.

Chinese love chrysanthemum for it blossoms at the time that the other flowers have died down in the later autumn, just like those people who has a strong quality to keep their ideas and dreams in the hard time.

In China, there are thousands and thousands artists and poems have made countless art products to admire chrysanthemum and those great people who has a great quality as a chrysanthemum. :-)

Chrysanthemum's flower is also a wonderful tea. it is very popular in Chinese restaurants.

This week, I have written a piece of calligraphy of a poem by Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Zhen "Chrysanthemum", also, I have created a piece of music and painted a picture for it. You are welcomed to see or here them via the links.

Beside, I had written an article to introduce its medicine quality 6 years, in 2000.

I do hope that what I have done for you will be a little bit help to you to know more about Chinese culture.   

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Sun, Jun, 23, 2007