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Shirley's Chinese Calligraphy: Running Regular Script -- 009 -- Bai Ling Si Nai Wang


This is my 9th Running Regular Script of Chinese Calligraphy that I have learned to write this week to match a poem by Tang Dynasty (618 - 908) poet Lang Shiyuan:

Chinese Classical Poem --0083 (By Lang Shiyuan) & Shirley Created Music-0073: Bailing Si Nan Wang --Look At South by Bailin Temple

I have also created a piece of music to match this poem and sang it for you already

What I wish is to share Chinese culture with you and all of the friends who are interested in China via my work on the little web site and to bring you a big smile... :-) I do hope that you enjoy them. :-)

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Sunday, April, 22, 2007