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Shirley's Chinese Calligraphy -- Running Regular Script -- 003


This is my 3rd Chinese Running Regular Script that I learned to write on Thursday night. :-)

This is a Chinese classical poem by Xiang Yu (B.C.232 D B.C.202) in Qin Dynasty(B.C.221- B.C.206). Xiang Yu was a respected failing hero and a king in Chinese history.

He was failed in the war to get the place of emperor by the Wu River, the enemy army was following him, he could go over the river to be alive.He did not want to live with shame, but, he fought with many enemies, after killing many ones, he killed himself instead of a captive.

This poem expressed his heart that he did not know how to protect his beloved princess/wife.

About Xiang Yu and the detail of this poem, I will introduce it for you in Chinese Classical Poem Column on Sunday. :-)

I also have written a piece of music to match it tonight. You can listen to it via hit the link below:

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