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Shirley's Chinese Calligraphy -- Running Regular Script -- 002 & 001


This is my first two Chinese calligraphy works.

The second one is for matching this weekend¡¯s Chinese Classical Poem --0075 & Shirley Created Music-0065: Dali Si Taohua -- Peachblossoms of Dali Temple, you can hit the link to see its Chinese meaning.

I started to learn Chinese calligraphy from I was 4 or 5 years old, then, it was broken until I entered university. Then, it was broken until a few months ago, I first time wrote some Chinese calligraphy on 83rd Chinese Xieyi Painting.

During my Chinese New Year¡¯s traveling, I saw my father's Chinese calligraphy writing and heard his opinions about it. I did feel a little bit shy for I have not really learned the traditional Chinese handwriting well as a former college teacher in Chinese classical culture and language fields. As a current student in Chinese painting field, calligraphy is asked and as one of part of a picture. As I have introduced to you that a good Chinese painting is asked 4 things on it at the same time -- poem, calligraphy, picture and stamp. I have learned to paint for 4 years, but I just started to write calligraphy on my painting a few months ago... :-)

So, Friday night, when I was reading some of my calligraphy books, I did have a will to learn to write and Saturday morning, I wrote my first Chinese calligraphy with Running Regular Script style -- There are lot kinds of Chinese Calligraphy styles in China. I am going to learn while to introduce them to you one by one. :-)

This is a Tang Dynasty poem, I am going to write a piece of music to match it and also to introduce the meaning of this poem for you in the Classical Poem Column and hope to have a little bit help to you to know more about Chinese culture.

I am just a learner and I do hope that to get your suggestions, comments and directions.