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Shirley Written Chinese Calligraphy -- Running Regular 012: Yu Qing -- The Sun Shines Again after Rain


This calligraphy is something that I wanted to write last weekend. But, for I was busy on my new project so that I just really wrote it today. I wrote two lines in my lunch time and completed the other lines tonight. :-)

I am really happy that my life and work have finally come back in the order a little and a little. Things are changing better and I have had some free time to write calligraphy. :-)

Just like painting a picture, I enjoy writing something with Chinese style in the golden lamp with a very calm heart. Both of painting and calligraphy, plus music, all of them are bringing me a very peaceful heart and it is helping me to live in a quiet and relaxed style... :-)

This is a Chinese classical poem. I have created a piece of music to match it. Later, I will write something to introduce it and offer you its Chinese meaning via a link below... :-)

Chinese Classical Poem --0085 (By Wang Jia) & Shirley Created Music-0075: Yu Qing -- The Sun shines Again After Rain

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Thursday, May, 16, 2007