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Shirley Created Poem and Music--031: What Is Spring and Where Is Spring?   


I am so lucky that I have got so much help from so many friends via emails, pictures, telephones and messages during I was in the most difficult time this week...

Monday morning, a short letter with a poetical language "Here in Eugene, the spring rain is falling tonight. I hope it is soon spring in your heart again." really made my eyes wet and touched the softest part in my heart -- the endless missing, sorry, pity and every thing to my friend whom I had lost last week... the endless appreciation to my parents, sister, brother, leaders in the company, all of the kind friends from China and the other side of the Ocean...   first time, I had a strong impulse to write a poem. So, I wrote it out in a weekly meeting within only about 20 minutes...

It should be my first poem if it can be called a poem in both of English and Chinese. I just felt there were many words in my chest that wanted to push out of my throat so that I had to write it out at once...

Then, in the short one week, I wrote 3 poems already...

I am not sure whether my writing dream was just started from this poem and whether I can really write in English and Chinese. Anyway, have done it.

Also, I wanted to write a piece of music to match my own poem. So, I also did that and wrote it out.

Now I have played the music and have sung the poem for you, for my friend whom I have lost and all of the kind people in the world here and hope you enjoy them...


What Is spring? Where Is Spring?

-- By Shirley Zhang

What is spring?
Where is spring?
Spring is from a warm wind,
spring is in a soft rain.
Spring is flying over green mountains,
spring is flowing with blue rivers...

What is spring?
Where is spring?
Spring is under the melted white snow,
spring is over the endless grass green.   
Spring is in the yellow narcissus,
spring is in the pink plum blossoms.
Spring is on the red camellia trees,
spring is pregnant by the nature mother...

What is spring?
Where is spring?
Spring is an endless missing,
spring is planting a green hope.
Spring is growing up from the hard winter.
Spring is a phoenix's rebirth
Spring is a sincere friendship,
spring is a great affection,
spring is a deep love.

Spring is just in your heart.
Spring is just in my heart...
Spring is just from all of the kind poeple's hearts...


焚担敢爺壓陳戦? -- Shenmo Shi ChuntianChuntian Zai Nali?
-- Shirley Zhang

焚担敢爺 -- shenmo shi chuntian
敢爺壓陳戦 -- chuntian zai nali
敢爺栖徭 -- chuntian laizi wennuan de feng
敢爺栖徭 -- chuntian laizi wenrou de yu。
敢爺駄弼議 -- chuntian feiguo l?? se de shan
敢爺綿 -- chuntian liutan yu lanse de he...

焚担敢爺 -- shenmo shi chuntian
敢爺壓陳戦 -- chuntian zai nali
敢爺栖徭蛮晒 -- chuntian laizi ronghua de baixue
敢爺栖徭 -- chuntian laizi wubian de caolu??
敢爺 -- chuntian zai huangse de shuixianhua zhong
敢爺歎雑 -- chuntian zai fenhong se de meihua zhong。
敢爺 -- chuntian zai dahong de shanchashu shang
敢爺墅 圄 -- chuntian yunyu yu daziran muqin...

焚担敢爺 -- shenmo shi chuntian
敢爺壓陳戦 -- chuntian zai nali
敢爺廷 -- chuntian shi wujin de sinian
敢爺駄弼議錬李 -- chuntian shi bozhong de xiwang,
敢爺 -- chuntian shi zai yandong zhong chengzhang。
敢爺 史 締 -- chuntian shi fenghuang niepanhou de zaisheng。
敢爺嗔呵 -- chuntian shi zhencheng de youyi
敢爺 -- chuntian shi weida de youqing
敢爺 -- chuntian shi shenqie de ai

敢爺 -- chuntian zai ni de xinli
敢爺厘議 -- chuntian zai wo de xinli
敢爺栖徭鋲措 -- chuntian laizi suoyou shanliang ren de xinzhong...


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Written, Recorded It On May 27, 2006