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Music 327: Shirley Created Music-103 For the Poem: Jiangpan Du Bu Xun Hua - Find the Flowers by the River Alone by Du Fu - Feb 28,2012/Feb 15, 2010/ July 2008/Oct, 2007/Jun 10,2006

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About the Poet:Du Fu (712 - 770) was born in todays Henan province in Tang Dynasty   (618 ? 907). He is one of the greatest poets in Chinese poetry history.

Du Fu got a very good home education, he had been creating poem since he was five; and writing Chinese calligraphy since he was nine; He communicated   poems with the adults   when he was 15 or 16 years old.

He had his first travel in Wu, Yue -- Today's Zhenjiang and Jiangsu provinces and knew the another greatest poet - Li Bai   when he was about 20 years old. At that time, his poems were very positive and full of the dreams.   

Following the Confucianisms philosophy, Du Fu cared for the future and fate of the country and he wanted to do his best for the country, but, his dreams could not be true in whole of his life.   When he was 22 years old, he failed in the imperial examinations and then, he stayed in the capital -- Changan -- Today's Xian for about 10 years living   a very poor life and knew much more about common people's life.

His poetry entered a new phase and started his realism creating.

Then, in A.D.755, Rebellion of An and Shi happened, it led the country into the civil war for about 8 years. During the time, Du Fu became a fugitive and   experienced harder and poorer life. His poetry reached the highest peak.   In A.D.770, when he was 58 years old, on   his way back hometown, Du Fu died on a boat.

Du Fu experienced the history ___ how the Tang Dynasty went down from its strongest times in person.His poetry reflected the whole of this process. So, people said his poetry is just   poetry of historic significance".   

We say that Du Fu is one of the greatest poets, that is   mainly because he developed the traditional Chinese poetry forms. No matter how long or short the poems were, he could write them excellently.

Du Fu has been affecting the poets for about 1200 years since his times until now... There are about 1400 his poems in the world right now.

Comments about the Poem:

This poem was created by Du Fu (712 - 770) in 761.   After experiencing the hard time in the Rebellion ( 755 ? 763) of An and Shi starting from Central China, Du Fu came to Chendu , Sichuan . Finally, there, he built a thatched cottage by a stream in the West Suburbs of Chendu and had a resting place temporarily, with an easy heart, he walked by the river, enjoying the beauty of flowers in the warm spring, and then he wrote seven Qi Jue ( a four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme).   

Jiang Pan Du Bu Xue Hua is the 6th poem of the group of the Qi Jue.   

This is a little poem to describe scenery. On a little path, there are so many beautiful blossoms, the numerous flowers have bended the branches low. Over the flowers, there are playful butterflies and the carefree cute yellow birds, they are enjoying the beauty in the spring breeze with the poet together; they are dancing and singing with delightful hearts the same with the poet so cheerful   that they would not leave at all...

With the Chinese characters shi shi wu ? often dance"to write how the butterflies are dancing; Qia Qia ti -- sing Qia Qia to write how the birds are singing, with the language that is colloquial style full of the active feelings ,to help   readers   See the beautiful view,   to Smell the fragrance of the flowers,   to Listen to   the wonderful sounds and Feel the emotion of happiness. It has not only endued the little poem a dynamic feeling, but also they have given the poem much sprightly and fluent rhythm.   

The first line: Huang Si Niang jia hua man xi ?The path of   Mrs. Huang Si is covered with blossoms xi ? little path points out the place is on the little path by Mrs. Huang Si s home.    Hua Manxi means so manyblossoms have covered the little path.   This line uses the persons name in the poem, it is a little bit like ballad, expressing a strong life sentiment.

The second line:    Qian duo wanduo ya zhi di ?   numerous flowers are bending the branches low . Qian duo wan duo means thousands and tens thousands of flowers. It has described the number of flowers is so many. ya means weight down;    zhi means branch; di means low. With simple but visualized and lifelike language, this line writes out how the spring flowers are big and many, tier upon tier, so that they have bended the branches low.   

The third line: Liu lian xi die shishi wu ?   playful butterflies are dancing, unwilling to leave . Liulian meanst lingering, to describe how the butterflies fly round and round and they are unwilling to leave. It has hinted how the flowers are beautiful and bright; since the flowers are so lovely that attract the butterflies,and since the butterflies are so lovely and attract the poet, naturally, people who are enjoying the flowers, butterflies and the beautiful view are also lingering and unwilling to leave,at the same time to write out how the flowers are beautiful, bright and fragrant.

The fourth line: Zi zai jiao ying jia jia ti ? carefree cute birds are singing qia qia .    Qiqi ti writes the sound of the birds. When the poet is enjoying the beauty of the flowers, the spring breeze sends a string of the singing of the yellow birds; it awakes the poet who is intoxicated in the blossoms.   At this time, readers can also really understand what is the meaning of the Chinese idiom   nio y hu xing   -- songs of birds and scent of flowers or birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers.

Just because the poet itself was in happiness, then he thought the yellow birds were singing for him.As same as the third line to say the butterflies enjoy the spring flowers, so   they are lingering over the blossoms and unwilling to leave, both of the two lines use the way to empathize the human feeling to the nature.   With this method, this poem blends the object and subject, natural scenery and human feeling together, creates its own artistic result.

There are many poems to write this kind of theme in the Glorious Age of Tang Dynasty, but   there were not   many as this poem to depict so meticulous with the especially bright colors.   

When I read this poem years ago, I felt that I myself was led to the little path 1250 years ago, enjoying the beautiful natural scenery as well as   the poets feeling .Therefore, since 2006 to 2010, I have created a piece of music and 4 paintings to match this poem, then, in 2012, with the good help from   Mr. Mike J from U.K., Mr. William G., Dr. Dennis H. from U.S.A., Pref. Weiye M, Mrs. Xiaogang Z. Mr. Tong W. and Mr. Wengqing L. from China, I re-translated this poem, re-wrote the music, re-sang the poem and re-painted two new paintings for this poem in CANN.

I do hope our effort will be of some help with you to learn about Chinese language and cultures.   

Main Meaning of the Poem

Find Flowers by the River Alone

By Du Pu   ( Tang )

Mrs.Huang Si's path is covered with blossoms,
Numerous flowers are bending the branches low.
Playful butterflies are dancing, unwilling to leave,
Carefree cute birds are singing "Qia Qia".

Chinese Characters & Pronunciations

You can clink any Chinese Character to open the New Character Board and to see its Chinese pinyin, meaning, pronunciation and follow me to read it, also, you can hit the links over to enter the target=_blank>Painting Column,or you can directly enter the art notes on the painting that I created for this poem to see my painting and art notes for the poem

϶Ѱ -- Jiang Pan de Bu Xun Hua

Ÿ ( )-- Tang   Du Pu (Tang )

һ -- Hung Sning ji hu mn x,
ǧѹ֦ -- qin du wn du y zh d
Ϸʱʱ -- Lilin xdi shsh w
ǡǡ -- zzi jio yng Qi Qi t

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Shirley Zhang

Feb 29, 2012/Feb 15, 2010/ July 2008/Oct, 2007/Jun 10,2006