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Bilangual Song-056 & Chinese Folk Song 086: "Mu Ge - Herdsman's Song" Shirley Sang It in English & Chinese Jan 23, 2010

Listen to Shirley Sing the Song In English Jan 22, 2010
Listen to Shirley Sing the Song in Chinese Jan 23, 2010

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"Mu Ge -- Herdsman's Song” is a kind of Chinese folk songs. It is popular in Mongolian nationality, Zang (Tibetan nationality), Kazak (nationality) and Keerkezi (Kirghiz nationality) of China. The main content of Chinese Mu Ge -- Herdsman's Song sings their life of herding, love, and hometowns or their cattle & sheep and so on.

Usually, its tone is wide and long; its rhythm is free; its sound is high and loud.

Sometimes, people sing it while accompany them by their own music instruments. Sometimes, they just sing it only.

This Mu Ge that I have sung for you today is a typical Inner - Mongolian Herdsman's Song. So, it has been chosen into almost all of the Chinese folk song books.

I love this song's simple language and beautiful tone. So, I have translated it, sang it in Chinese and English in China and in the US in 2006, 2008 and 2009. The more I sang it, the more I like it and every time, I had some new feelings and I could find something that I should improved no matter on the translation or on the singing skills.

So, this weekend, I re-translated it and I sang and re-recorded it as my first Chinese folk song in 2010. Meanwhile, I am making some innovation on my music column, to offer it more elements of Chinese language and culture, to reduce my own personal colors.

I really hope that my effort will be some of help with you to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Note 1:If you would like to learn all of the new characters and the lyrics in this song, you are welcome to Click the Blue Link Here or below, to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, meaning and follow me to read it.

Note 2:If you just need to check One Character, you are welcome to click the character and to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, meaning not only in this song, but also in whole of the web site..


White clouds are floating in the blue sky,
under the white clouds,
are the groups of (snow)-white sheep,

The groups of the sheep,
are like the flake of silver.
Scatter on the grassland,
What a lovely view it is!


蓝 蓝 -- Lanlan de tiankong shang,
-- piao zhe na baiyun。
-- Baiyun de xiamian,
-- shi yuebai de yangqun。

-- Yangyun haoxiang shi,
斑斑 -- banban de baiyun。
撒在原上 -- Sa zai caoyuan shang,
-- duo mo ai sha ren。

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to, or, You are welcome to publish your opinions in Forum For Friends. :-)   

--Shirley Zhang
Translated, Sang & Recorded in Jan 23, 2010, 2008 and 2006 in China/ May 17, 2009 in the US.