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Bilingual Song--004: Shirley Sings A Chinese Art Song--0027 "A Swallow" in English & Chinese

Listen to Shirley Singing the Song in Chinese
Listen to Shirley Singing the Song In English

As a herald of spring, the swallow is beloved by Chinese people. There are many songs for both children and adults in China. Many people name their children Swallow.

I heard the song “Swallow” for the first time 4 weeks ago, sung by a student of my new vocal music teacher. It is a song that expresses the feeling of love of a boy for a girl who is named Swallow.

I previewed and learned the song on Monday and translated it into English. I would like to get some direction from my new music teacher and to catch up on the lesson that I had missed last Sunday. It was raining and there was a traffic jam which caused me to drive down an unfamiliar road. I could see the building near my teacher’s home but I could not reach it and I lost my way at a crossroads, so that I almost drove all the way to the   customs between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. I have a mobile phone in my car so I could keep in contact with my teacher while having to drive quickly on the highway. After driving for about 1.5 hours, I found my way back to the right road and finally got home. :-) I was smiling to myself that it was really nice to see a night view of the city in the rain. I taught myself the song and hoped to have the lesson on Sunday.

However, my new teacher is in Shanghai for her work in the Music College right now and she promises to teach me next Tuesday night. In the end my original teacher taught me to sing this song in Chinese Saturday night and I recorded it in English on Sunday.
Just hope the effort of mine will help you to learn a little more about Chinese culture and to improve your Chinese listening level.


Listen to Shirley Singing the Song in Chinese
Listen to Shirley Singing the Song In English

Swallow ah,
listen to me to sing,
my beloved swallow song,
dear, listen to me telling you,
swallow ah.

Swallow ah
your nature is happy,
kind and alive,
your smiles are like
stars flickering.

Ah... ah...

Eyebrows are bending,
eyes are bright,
neck is even,
hair is long,
you are my girl,
swallow ah,

Swallow ah,
do not forget your promise,
do not change your heart,
I am yours,
you are my swallow ah,

ah... ah....

Listen to Shirley Singing the Song in Chinese
Listen to Shirley Singing the Song In English

-- Yanzi

啊 -- Yanzi a,
-- ting wo gechang,
-- wo xinai de yanzi ge,
-- qin ai de,
-- ting wo dui ni shuo yi shuo,
啊--Yanzi a。

啊Yanzi a,
愉快 -- ni de xingqing yukuai,
活 泼 -- qinqie you huobo,
象星星 -- ni de weixiao haoxiang xingxing,
闪 烁 -- zai shanshuo。

啊... 啊... -- a ... a...

弯弯 -- Meimao wanwan,
睛亮 -- yanjing liang,
匀匀 -- bozi yun yun,
-- toufa chang,
我的-- wo de guniang
啊 -- yanzi a。

啊-- Yanzi a,
-- buyao wang le ni de nuoyan bian le xin,
-- wo shi ni de,
我的啊 -- ni shi wo de yanzi a。
啊... 啊... -- a ... a ...

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--Shirley Zhang
Written, Translated, Sung and Recorded on Sun, August 19, 2007