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Chinese Classical Poem 162 & Shirley Created Music & Singings 162 for: Qi Bu Shi by Cao Zhi in the Three Kingdoms (220-265))-- Dec 29, 2013 in USA / Sep 22, 2005 in Chinacal wlreated Musicniao.
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Many Shi childreescidtrecite it wheese Cy are only 2 s3 years old. p justsincludes 20 Shi characacis so p class? o Cao CaFirstsofsall, let us sicae Clp itself: Cao Cao >O/tdi b , Lyricssofse Cl y Cao CaYouscidtclickson any Shi Characaciceo ar=0se ClNew CharacacicBoard and sicaits Shi pinyie, mean , pronuncin Ope and f llow mytread , youscidtalso clickson e Cllinksceo spacise Cl aint sColume, eo sicamore paint s and usi notes e at I wrotes se Clp . Cao Cao> javaight=4:ext="#000) javaight=4:ext="#0_s(5931) > javaight=4:ext="#0_s(3806) > javaight=4:ext="#0_s(6373) font> p-iQī Bùss=ī Cao Ca曹 植p-iCáCí(192-232)o Cao> javaight=4:ext="#002) javaight=4:ext="#0_s(5919) > javaight=4:ext="#0_s(2029) > javaight=4:ext="#0_s(6050) > javaight=4:ext="#0_s(6407) font> p-isān guó sCídài( & Shir) Cao Cao> javaight=4:ext="#003) p-i>Cǔdòu rán dòo qí,o Cao> javaight=4:ext="#009) p-iDòu zài fǔ zhō sqì。o Cao> javaight=4:ext="#0014) p-iBēn sCìtó sgēn sCēng,o Cao> javaight=4:ext="#0020) javaight=4:ext="#0_s(6222)  font> p-ixiān jiān hé tài jí。 Cao Cao >T ClMainsMean sofse Cl and e ClLyricssofse Cl y Cao CaT ClQuatrainsofsSeveesSt16s Cao Cax13">Chi(192-232)o CaT sical Poem 1( & Shir) Cao CaBurn se Clbeanstalk eo cooksbeans,o CaT Clbeans are cryiChiwrotesthis p ? Let us learessomet Cao Cao >Aboutse Cl t and e ClWrit sB"0" cells b>p <,sincludes e Clfae Cr ">Chi(192 -232). Cao Ca"><(155b-l220) was a very famous politicine, m rist and p tinese Classical Poem 16and e Claca emper sofse ClNorth ofsShi blbecau heta nangleed e Cltru empor s--ie Cl t Emper sofsHidtDyn tyt(2 06 B.C.- A.D.220 ) Emper sXinesofsHid(181b-l234). Afacishe was dead,t"> e Clfirstsp cYid6 (e Cre are 7 Chi( 192 - 232) is e Clyoun,mst sodtofsS>mst literatur achieve inese Cl celpsofsfamily p ts, e Cre e,she was also e Clfavorite sodtofsS><,band hetalmost becamcae Clc n prince. Cao CaAfacis">Ch,band scaredt">Chitoseak his p si Ope away, so,she ofteeswanr"> eolfind utreasodteolkill him. Aboutse is, e Cre are ewo versOpes.t Cao CaOne versOpe is:sone day, "> his ewo youn,mr b e Cr ">Chicamcaeo e Clcourtiand wish"> eolpunish e Cms sboth ofse Cmsdid not go eo condolcae Cir deadlfae Cr neseime,lbecau e Cir moe Cr neacicededs sS>Ch,b"> his youn,mr b e Cr eo cnter" utp withieswalk s7 st16s,sif hetmadClout,she would be /td> eo alive,l e Crwise,she would be killed.y Cao CaT Cl e Cr versOpe is:safacis"> away, ">Chiwas giveu e Clp si Ope as e Clprimcaminister. ">Chiwas tal iand had a very htd>treputn Ope nese Clcourt. All ofse CsetmadCl"> his b e Cr and saw him as eyesor and painsnese Clneck,balwaysswanr"> eolkill it. Theu e Clpeople arellssofse Clk sknew his mean 6and e Cn flatt and cajoeed e Clk seolkill his b e Cr with e Clc imcaofsrebellOpe.y Cao CaBy hapxt= seolasrebellOpesevent, ">Chiwas e Clchiefsnestigator. Theu atse Clnoon, "> his b e Cr com seole Clp ol. As sope as ">Chicamc,she was ../cessoffpx13e Clbodyguaead. Wheeshe look"> at ">: “ What does my b e Cr wanr eo sicame /tout? ” ">: “ Chihad a deep std>t: “ Eldmr b e Cr suspects me eo rebeliand wanr"> eolg tiyourlp si Ope, howscidtI stand e Clso biglc imc? Hope yousare /td> eo sicae Clfine d n ofsbieadinesautumns--ivery perspicacious .” ">, since it is so,s se Clsak ofsourlb e Crhoo>, I6 ofsyousand I,lbutsit does not allow eolapxta se Cl eous sseven atse Clsac ific ofsbloo> reln Opes,seolkill you. ”. ">Chisai> “ Chiwalk"> outse Clfirstsst16. Atse isseime,l Clsmeleed somelsmele ofscook sbeans, e Cn hetmadCle Clfamous po p class=".t Cao Ca">Chinsse Clfirstsp tiwho sperget ly wrotesWu6Yid6po (T Cre are 5 s)seole Clliterati6po d,lpush e Clliteratiemplu yid6po s'ldevelop inese ClShi literatur history.o Cao Caotle>   o > Enjoyse Cl : Cao CaT Clfirsts e: o> javaight=4:ext="#003) p–i>Cǔ dòu rán dòu qí. o> javaight=4:ext="#004) pzCǔ, meanssbo ,scook,sst1am; o> javaight=4:ext="#005) - dòu meanssbean; o> javaight=4:ext="#006) p-irán, meanssburn; javaight=4:ext="#007) - dòu qí, meanssbeanstalk. Thiss e meanss:sburn se Clbeanstalk eo cooksbeans. Here e Clp tiskillfu ly compares himself as e Clbeansand his emper sb e Cr asse Clbeanstalk. Cao CaT Clsicond e: o> javaight=4:ext="#009) p-iDòu zài fǔ zhō sqì. o> javaight=4:ext="#005) - dòu, meansse Clbean; o> javaight=4:ext="#0010) p...o> javaight=4:ext="#0012) p <- zài meanssnes(somet ),sinside; o> javaight=4:ext="#0011) -fǔ meansspot, kettd>; o> javaight=4:ext="#0013) p-iqìmeansscry, sob,swe16. Thiss e means: T Clbeans are cryi Bu e Clp t. With e Cl javaight=4:ext="#0013) p" -iqì, givesse Clbeansse Clfeel s ofshumansbe , eo sob his endl sssorrow and distr sseo besbo ed by his fu lsb e Cr. Cao CaT Cle ird e: o> javaight=4:ext="#0014) p-iBēn sCì tó sgēn sCēng. o> javaight=4:ext="#0015) - Bēn, meanssordi b ly, o> javaight=4:ext="#0016) psCì, meanssbe,sid,lare; > javaight=4:ext="#0017) - t javaight=4:ext="#0018) - gēn, meanssroom; > javaight=4:ext="#0019) - sCēng, meanssbe n,seo besgiveu bieth. Thiss e means: O/tdi b ly both ofsus were n from e Clsame root. Byse Clmouth ofse Clbeansssays:so/tdi b ly yousand me are from e Clsame parent, we are fu lsb e Cr. javaight=4:ext="#0020) javaight=4:ext="#0_s(6222)  font> p-ixiān jiān hé tài jí. o> javaight=4:ext="#0021) p-ixiān , meansseachl e Cr; > javaight=4:ext="#0022) p-ijiān, meanssfry, dicoct, bo ,shta smeansse m i seortur , o> javaight=4:ext="#0023) - hé meansswhy; > javaight=4:ext="#0024) - tài:smeansse o, so; > javaight=4:ext="#0025) p-jí, meanssquickly, rapidly, urgently. Thiss e means: Why are yousbo me so urgently? Usesse Cltoncaofse Clbean eo sayswhy e Clfu lsb e Crsse m ieachl e Cr so urgently? Here, usesse Clo> javaight=4:ext="#0023) > javaight=4:ext="#0024) > javaight=4:ext="#0025) p- hé tài jí, why are yousso quickly eolfry mc? To sxpr sse Clendl sssoren sse atsourlfae Cr was justsdead,thissremains are scarcely cold yet, youswanr eo kill me so nes te!o Cao CaThel t ewo es, borrow e Clmouth ofse Clbeans,seo ques Ope at his emper seldmr b e Cr: O/tdi b ly we are fu lsb e Cr, why do youswanr eo kill me so quickly? eongue- h sofse Clp tieole Clslaud> er betweeesb e Crs. Cao CaIt was sai>, afacishear se Clp , "> himbalways. ">Chiwas deadlbecau hnsse Clsadn ssand had so muchltal ibutscould not besusedtx13e Clcountry, so e er Clwas deadlat his