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Shirly Sung China (Xinjiang) Folk Song--046: The Snow Lotus on the Ice Mountain


I am lucky that my vocal music teacher -- Ms. Ma has come back FROM Beijing. The time she goes to Beijing has been delayed after September. So, I am luck to have another 7 or 8 months to learn FROM her and I would like to cherish the short time. Anyway, I am thinking that I should learn to accompany with piano for myself -- now I just accompany with electronic organ for myself when I am singing a song that I have written for the Chinese classical poems. Also, I will think of finding another vocal music teacher before she goes. :-)

Tonight, I learned a new Chinese Xinjiang folk song that is FROM movie -- The Guests on the Ice Mountain. This song was sung by two young people, a young spy who was in the enemy team and a young girl who was suffering a pain life in the same team. The young man was compassionated what the young girl suffering and tried to help her to escape so that he exposed himself and be killed.

This song expressed how the young boy to encourage the young girl to keep in the difficult situation and how the young girl thanks the help of the young boy.

I have introduced something about this movie and 2 songs FROM it. Below is the links that I have made for you and hope it will be a little bit help to you to understand the new song more.

Also I hope that you can find that my singing has made a little bit progress. :-)

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The Snow Lotus on the Ice Mountain

You are a clear spring on the desert,
you are a snow lotus on the ice mountain.
Storm will not always below,
Ah ... ah...ah,
What time?
Can I see your face with smiles?

Ice mountain is covered by the clack clouds.
Storm is sweeping anything away on the desert,
Happiness is covered under the ice mountain,
Ah ... ah...ah,
My tears,
they can cover the Salier plateau.

Tears will make the jade more pure,
pain will make a person's willing stronger.
Friendship can reduce your pain,
Ah ... ah...ah,
My singing,
it can clean the sadness in your heart.

Your affection is so deep and long as the white clouds,
your care for is just like the crystal ice mountain.
I am just the drift sand of the desert,
Ah ... ah...ah,
No mater the storm,
to bring me to the ends of the earth or not...


冰山上的雪莲 ? Bing shan shang de Xue Lian
戈壁滩上的一股清泉 -- Gebi tan shang de yi gu qingquan,
冰山上的一朵雪莲 ? bing shan shang de yi duo xue lian 。
风暴不会永远不住 ? Fengbao buhui yongyuan buzhu,
啊,什么时候啊 ? a, shenmo shihou,
才能 够 看 到 你 的 笑 脸 ? caineng kandao ni de xiaolian。

乌云笼罩着冰山 ? wuyun longzhao zhe bing shan,
风暴横扫着戈壁滩 ? fengbao hengsao zhe gebi tan。
欢 乐 被 压 在 冰 山 下 ? huanle bei ya zai bing shan xia,
啊,我的眼泪呀 ? a, wo de yanlei ya,
能冲平了萨里尔高原 ? neng chong ping le Salier gaoyuan。

眼泪会使玉石更白 ? yanlei hui shi yushi geng bai,
痛苦使人意志更坚 ? tongku shi ren yizhi geng jian。
友谊能解除你的痛苦 ? youyi nen jiechu ni de tongku,
啊,我的歌声啊 ? a, wo de gesheng a,
能洗去你的心中愁烦 ? neng xi qu ni de xinzhong choufan。

你的友情象 白 云 一 样 深 远 ? ni de youqing xiang baiyun yiyang shenyuan,
你的关怀象 透 明 的 冰 山 ? ni de guanhuai xiang touming de bingshan。
我是戈壁滩上的流沙 ? wo shi gebi tan shang de liusha,
啊,任凭风暴啊 ? a, renping fengbao a,
把我带到地角天边 ? ba wo dai dao di jiao tian bian。


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Written, Translated, Sung and Recorded It on Sat, Jan 21, 2006