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Shirly Sung China (North) Folk Song--041: Whom Are You Struggle For?


After a long time work meeting in the company to summary our work in 2006 and to plan our work in 2007 Saturday afternoon, I had my vocal music lesson in the night. Instead of learning a song that both of my teacher and I had choice last weekend, we chose a new folk song to admire the Chinese soldiers.

This song was created in 1998 to sing and to remember the common soldiers who were rushing on the most dangerous places to work and to protect Chinese people's lives and possessions with their own lives and energy when China met the biggest flood in Yangtse Rive in Chinese history. I was very touched by the lyrics of the song and the great Chinese soldiers whom were sung in the song, after all, many of them give their lives in the struggle and many of their families lost their lives when they are saving the other people...

Also, tonight, my teacher taught me how to keep smile when I was singing. First time, I realized that to keep smiling is not only for keeping a beautiful expression, it is helping the singer to keep his/her muscle of face on a right places and to help the voice more clarity and be focused on the place that over of nose, especially when we sing a Chinese folk song. :-) That is a needing of singing. :-)

Ha, I am so happy that every lesson, I can learn and realize something new. :-) Even though that I have not mastered the smiles on my face well enough. I do feel fine to learn it. :-)

What is your feeling about singing? Do you enjoy seeing a smile when a person is singing?


Mud has covered your trousers,
Sweat has wet your shirts,
I do not know who you are,
but I know what you are struggle for in the flood.
For what and for whom?
For helping our people to get the gain of autumn,
for helping spring and wild geese flying back to the land.
You are creating a song of youth and regretless
With whole of your warm blood,
You are looking at the skyline with so much expectation,
You do not know when your comrades in the arms will be back.

Who are you?
What are your struggling for in the flood?
My your comrades in the arms,
When you will come back?
Who are you?
What are you working for?
My brothers and sisters do not weeping...

Who are the most beautiful people?
Who are the most tired people?
My local people,
My comrades in the arms,
My brothers and sisters...


泥巴裹满裤腿-- Niba guoman kutui,
汗水湿 透 衣 背 -- hanshui shitou yibei,
我不知道你是谁 -- Wo buzhidao ni shi shui,
我却知道你为了谁 -- wo que zhidao ni shi shui,
为了谁 -- wei le shui,
为了秋的收获 -- wei le qiu de shouhuo ,
为了春回大雁归 -- wei le chun hui dayan gui,
满腔热血 -- manqiang rexue,
唱出青春无悔 -- chang chu qingchun wuhui ,
望穿 天 涯 -- wang chuan tianyan,
不知道 战 友 何 时 归 -- buzhi zhanyou heshi gui。

你是谁 -- Ni shi shui?
为了谁 -- Wei liao shui?
我 的 战 友 你 何 时 回 -- wo de zhanyou ni heshi gui,
你是谁 -- ni shi shui?
为了谁 -- wei liao shui?
我的兄弟姐妹不流泪 -- wo de xiongdi jiemei bu liu lei。

谁最美 -- Shui zui mei,
谁最累 -- shui zui lei,
我的乡亲 -- Wo de xiangqin,
我 的 战 友 -- wo de zhanyou,
我的兄弟姐妹 -- wo de xiong di yemei!

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Written, Translated and Recorded It on Sun, Dec 9, 2006