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Shirly Sung China (Inner Mongolian) Folk Song--040: Sunrise In the Grassland


Today is the 4 anniversary since I started to learn to sing on the same day in 2002.

2002 --   a memorable year of mine. In July, my only child whom I had raised lonely since he was only 46 days until his 15 years old while I worked as a teacher, an editor and a manager left me to start his own life as an international student in a Western country...   In August, I got my doctoral degree, my best Chinese friend -- the father of my son / my formal husband who had not had a wedding with me got marry another one. In October, I published my 16th book and in Nov, my elder brother was dead when he was only 48 years old... I could not respond all of the things except sitting in my son's bedroom and to imagine when he would come into the door and I often cooked the food for two people still... I suddenly lost my direction after working for over 15 years for my son and his father as a moon around of my sun. I did not know what I should do and how I should live again.

Anyway, one thing I knew clear, I must stand up, to re-think the meaning of life, to re-design my own life. :-) I must make sure that what the meaning of life is. Why I should live in the world. Since life is so short and weak, how I should cherish my life and make it more meaningful? What is my dreams that I have not made it to be true? During I was thinking, I started my first learning on music to make one of my dreams since my childhood to be true.

I am so lucky that I met my current vocal music teacher and just from Nov 25, 2002, I had my first vocal music lesson. Since that day, except especial reasons, we never cancel any our lesson. We have kept our music lessons on Saturday nights for 4 years already. :-)

I had never thought that I have also written my own 56 piece of music to match Chinese classical poems...:-) I have learned to sing Chinese art songs, folk songs, popular songs and even, I have learned to sing some English songs…

I do felt that I have changed to be a totally fresh person with a young, healthy heart and many happy smiles... Music has changed to be the best food to help me to improve myself as a real person... :-)

With a grateful heart, tonight, I learned a new song in today's music lesson and I do hope that will bring you a big smile... :-)


White clouds are flying in the blue sky,
Horses are running under the white clouds.
I crack my whip to make sounds in all directions,
all of the birds are flying...

If someone comes to ask me,
What place is it?
I will tell him or her proudly,
This is just my home town...

People here love peace,
and love our home town,
We are singing our new life,
And singing to the sun rising above our grassland...


蓝 蓝 的 天 上 白 云 飘 -- Lailai de tian shang bai yun piao,
白 云 下 面 马 儿 跑 -- bai yun xia mian ma er pao,
挥 动 鞭 儿 响 四 方 -- hui dong bian er xiang sifang,
百 鸟 齐 飞 翔 -- bai niao qi feixiang。

要 是有人来问我 -- Yao shi you ren lai wen wo,
这是什么地方 -- ze shi shenmo difang?
我 就 骄 傲 的 告 诉 他 -- Wo jiu jiao ao de gao su ta,
这是我 的 家乡 -- sheshi wo de jiaxiang。

这 里 的 人们 爱 和平 -- Zhe li de renmen ai heping ,
也 热 爱 家 乡 -- ye reai jiaxiang,
歌 唱 自 己 的 新 生活 -- gechang ziji de xin shenghuo,
草原上升起不落的太阳 -- caoyuan shang qi buluo de taiyang。

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Written, Translated and Recorded It on Sun, Nov 25, 2006