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Shirly Sung China (Northeastern) Folk Song--035: Yao Lan Qu -- Lullaby


Since I set up this little web site, I have got about 4000 letters from several handred friends from 31 countries. Some of them asked me that why I have no a family and thought that I am an iced woman who just knows work and there is no a warm feeling and love in my heart.

In fact, I have parents, sister, brother and a son. I do love them and I had lived as a moon around my sun for many years unitl my son -- my only family went abroad when he was younger than 15 years old -- just the same age when I became to a corps soldier and a youngest teacher... :-)

I planed to see my son last National Holiday, but, my parents came back south -- Wuxi City to settle down, my education asked me to visit the old people earlier than a younger. So, instead of flying over the Ocean to see my son, I flied back Wuxi to see my parents. I planed to see him this national holiday, but, for some reason, I missed the time to apply a visa. I do feel sorry to my only child deeply, I did weep for my fail, anyway, last night, in the moonlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I got my son’s phone call from the other side of the Ocean. It is the 5th year that he has been abroad in his second year as a university student in a beautiful city of a Western country.

When I heard his voice, I did feel the biggest comfort and happiness, whole of the tired from work and trip went away. With many happy tears, I want to sing a Lullaby for my beloved child just like I had done for him years ago... :-)

I do hope the song by a Chinese mother will also bring you a smile.

Now, I could not help to smile with tears for I think of that just 4 years ago, when he came back China from his high school abroad, he did not want to go back there again. Every night, he needed me to sit by him to talk for a while, to see him to close his eyes, turned off his lamp, said "Good night" and "I love you", then, I could leave from his bed room... :-)

Ha, what a happy time that was! :-)

Oct 7, 2006


Hi, friends, today I would like to introduce a Chinese Northeast folk "Yao Lanqu", in English is "Lullaby" for you.:-) I am sure all of us had heard a "Lullaby" when we were babies. Here, I would like to help you to know something about Chinese mothers, how do they sing Lullabies for their babies, what do they wish their children to be in the future and how do they help their children to get sleepy... :-)   

This song was sung by one of the most famous Chinese folk musicians -- Ms. Peng Liyuan first time. The lyrics and music were written by Mr. Zhen Jianchun.

The moon is bright,
the wind is quiet,
leaves are cover the window lattices.
Crickets are singing "zheng zheng",
just like the sounds from the strings.
Music is light,
tone is lovely,
cradle is waving lightly.
Mom's baby,
closes your eyes,
you are getting sleepy in a dream.

Little doves,
opening their winging to fly.
they are keeping singing "Gu Gu".
Little baby in the dream,
you are smiling now.
Your eyebrow is comeliness,
your face is red,
just like a little hero.
Little hero will be a soldier,
to make contributions for the motherland.

Dews cover flowers,
the flowers out of window are red.
flowers are bloosing,
flowers are red,
baby you have to grow up.
The moon is bright,
the wind is quiet,
crickets are keeping singing,
Mom's baby,
closes your eyes,
you are sleeping in a dream...


月儿明 -- yue er ming ,
风儿静 -- feng er jing,
树叶遮窗棂啊 -- shuye zhe chuangling a 。
蛐蛐儿叫铮铮 -- ququ er jiao zhengzheng,
好比那琴 弦 儿 声 啊 -- hao bi na qingxian sheng a 。   
弦 儿 那 个 轻 -- xian er nage qing ,
调 儿 动 听 -- diao er dong ting,
摇蓝轻摆动啊 -- yaolan qing baidong。
娘的宝贝闭上眼睛 -- nian de baobei bi shang yanjing,
睡在那个睡在梦中啊 -- shui zai na ge meng zhong a 。
小鸽子-- xiao ge zi,
展翅飞 -- zhan chi fei,
咕 咕 叫连声啊 -- gu gu jiao lian sheng a 。
小宝宝睡梦中 -- xiao bao bao shui meng zhong,
微微地露了笑容啊 -- weiwei de lu chu le xiaorong a。   
眉儿那个清 -- mei er na ge xing,
脸儿那个红 -- lian er na ge hong ,
好象个小英雄啊 -- hao xiang ge xiao ying yong a 。
小英雄 -- xiao yingxiong ,
要 去 当 兵 -- xiao qu dangbing ,
为了祖国立大功啊 -- wei le zuguo li da gong a。

露水儿 -- lu shui er,
撒花儿 -- sa hua er,
窗前的花儿红啊 chuang qian de hua er hong a ,
花儿开 -- hua er kai ,
花儿红 -- hua er hong ,
宝宝你就要成长啊 -- bao bao ni jiuyao chengzhang a ,
月儿那个明 -- yue er na ge ming ,
风儿那个静 -- feng er na ge jing ,
蛐蛐儿叫连声啊 -- qu qu er jiao lian sheng a ,
娘的宝贝 -- niang de baobei ,
闭上眼睛 -- bi shang yangjing ,
睡在那个睡在梦中啊 -- shui zai na ge meng zhong a ,
嗯... 嗯...嗯... -- en ... en... en ...
嗯... 嗯...嗯... -- en ... en... en...


Please notice there are many "er" and "a" in this folk, this is one of the characteristics of this song and North east folks’. They are used in the sentences to help to express the mother' feeling to her child, there is no any actual meaning.

Also, in this song, mother was read "Niang2"instead of "Ma   Ma" as I have told you in another song. Mother can be read "Ma1", "Ma1 Ma1", also can be "Niang2"or "A Ma1" in different Chinese dialects.

Ok, just hope my singing can help you to practice your Chinese aural comprehension and also help you to know something more about Chinese Folk music and literature :-) If you have any questions, comments, suggestions and requisitions, you are welcomed to write to

Written, Edited and Recorded on Sat., Sep 17, 2005