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Chinese Art Song--0018: Fishermen's Song


I found it embarrassing when my teacher came to my home this evening and I did not know what song I wanted to sing in my vocal music lesson. I have had a very busy week at work and I did not have the time to think about myself. Even today I started work at about 7:00am and I organized a speech competition for the company in the afternoon. When the work was finished successfully, the other people went to watch the movie -- Impossible III, while I drove back home feeling very tired and wanted to have a rest alone...

When my teacher heard my hoarse voice she wanted leave the lesson until tomorrow because she hoped that I would have had a good rest. However, I insisted on having my lesson because tomorrow will have other things to do. I am not used to putting off work until another day...

Tonight, I would like to introduce and sing a very famous Chinese art song, Fishermen's Song, for you..

This is the theme song of a movie, Fishermen's Song, that was released in 1934. Ms. An E wrote the lyrics, Ms. Ren Guang composed the music.   

I first knew and heard the song from my mother when I was very young. Anyway, this is the first time that I really learned it in a vocal music lesson.


Clouds are floating in the sky,
Fish are hiding in the water,
When I am basking the fishnet in the morning,
the wind is coming from the sea...

The tidewater is rising,
the white water is gushing,
the fishing boats are sailing to the East and West...
We are casting our net lightly,
We are drawing our line tightly,
we are waiting the trail of the fish carefully...

It is not easy to catch fish,
it is not easy to rent a boat,
our fishermen are poor generation and generation.
Luckily there is a broken fishnet that grandfather left us,
we will rely on it through the hard winter...

There is an owllight in the East,
Stars have disappeared into the sky,
When the fish boats are coming back in the morning,
the wind is coming to send the tide...

It is light,
there is no strength to work,
to see the ten thousand miles road to go back home...
Our hands are aching,
Our strength has gone,
We are catching fish on empty stomachs...
Not enough fish to fill a basket,
The sunshine has red in the East again.

Luckily there is a broken fishnet that grandfather left us,
we will rely on it for another hard winter...


渔光曲-- Yu Guang Qu

云儿飘在海空 -- Yun er piao zai hai kong,
鱼儿藏在水中 -- yu er cang zai shui zhong;
早晨太阳里晒鱼网 -- zaochen taiyang li shai yuwang,
迎面吹过来大海风 -- yengmian chui guolai da hai feng。
潮水升 -- cao shui sheng,
浪花涌 -- lang hua yong,
渔船儿飘飘各西东 -- yuchuan er piaopiao ge xidong;
轻撒网 -- qing sa wang,
紧拉绳 -- jin la sheng,
烟雾里辛苦等鱼踪 -- yan wu li xinku deng yu zong。
鱼儿难捕租税 重 -- yu er nan bu zu shui zhong,
捕鱼人儿世世穷 -- bu yu ren er shi shi qiong,
爷爷留下的破鱼网 -- yeye liu xia de po yuwang,
小心再靠它过一冬 -- xiaoxin zai kao ta guo yi dong。

东方现出微明 -- dongfang xian chu weiming,
星儿藏入天空 -- xing er cang ru tiankong,
早晨鱼船儿返回程 -- zaochen yuchuan fan hui cheng,
迎面吹过来送潮风 yingmian chui guo lai song chao feng。
天已明 -- tian yi ming,
力已尽 -- li yi jin,
眼望着渔村路万重 -- yian wang zhe yucun lu wang chong;
腰已酸 -- yao yi suan,
手也肿 -- shou ye zhong,
捕得了鱼儿腹内空 -- bu de le yu er fu zhong kong。
鱼儿捕得不满筐 -- yu er bu de bu man kuang,
又是东方太阳红 -- you shi dongfang taiyang hong,
爷爷留下的破鱼网 -- yeye liu xia de po yuwang,
小心再靠它过一冬 -- xiaoxin zai kao ta guo yi dong。


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Written, Translated and Recorded It On Sat, July 22, 2006