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Chinese (Sichuan)Folk Song --0019: Kangding Ballad


Love as a beautiful human feeling was sung from the first time that human being came into the world and in the thousand and thousand years, it has not been stopped for one day. Anyway, do you know which love song is the No. 1 in Chinese nation? It is just Kangding Ballad that is from Kangding County in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.:-)

There is a folk custom in Kangding that young people choose their lovers through singing love songs, which can fully express their passion and ideas. Just this kind of culture soil, has produced the beautiful love song.

This song combines the styles of the Han and Tibet nations, that is why, there are many interesting accessorial words in it and makes this song sounds very easy and fun.:-)

In May,1949, Ms. Yu Yixuan, a famous Chinese vocal music professor and musician sang this song Paris, then,   in London 1949. Then, this ballad has been widely spread across the country as well as many parts of the world, even Placido Domingo, one of the world's three most famous tenors, sang the song in Shanghai and Beijing...

Also the places that were mentioned by this song -- Kangding County and the Pao Mao Mountain ? Horse Race Mountain also have changed to be some famous scenic spots.:-)   

Recently, a TV play series that has the same titlehas published by China Center TV Station. You can see the photos about it via link.

Can you read any thing about it in Chinese? :-)

I learned and recorded it tonight even though my dentist did not allow me to sing for I just lost a tooth yesterday. :-) But, I did, I really hope it is a little bit help to your Chinese learning via my work ...:-)


Kangding Ballad

Over the Horse Race Mountain,
there is a cloud,
over the Kangding city,
there is a bended moon,
it is shining the land…

The elder sister of the House of Li,
she is so beautiful girl,
The elder brother of the House of Zhang,
He has fell in love with her.
The bended moon,
he has fell in love with her...

He firstly loves her beautiful,
he secondly loves her talent to manage a family,
the bended moon,
he loves her for her talent to manage a family...

I can love any boy in the world,
You can love any girl in the world,
the bended moon,
You/I can love any girl/boy in the world... :-)


康定情歌 ?   Kangding Qing Ge

跑马溜溜的山上 -- pao ma liuliu de shangshang,
一朵溜溜的云哟 -- yiduo liuliu de yun yao。
端端溜溜的照在 -- duanduan liuliu de zhao zai,
康定溜溜的城哟 -- Kangding liuliu de chen yao.
月亮弯弯 -- yueliang wanwan,
康定溜溜的城哟 -- Kangding liuliu de chen yao

李家溜溜的大姐 -- Li jia liuliu de dajie,
人才溜溜的好哟 -- rencai liuliu de haoyao.
张家溜溜的大哥 -- Zhang jia liuliu de da ge,
看上溜溜的她哟 -- kanshang liuliu de ta yao.
月亮弯弯 -- yueliang wanwan,
看上溜溜的她哟 -- kanshang liuliu de ta yao.

一来溜溜的看上 -- yi lai liuliu de kanshang,
人才溜溜的好哟 -- rencai liuliu de hao yao.
二来溜溜的看上 -- er lao liyliy de kanshang,
会当溜溜的家哟 -- hui dang liuliu de jia yao.
月亮弯弯 -- yuelian wanwan,
会当溜溜的家哟 -- hui dang liuliu de jia yao.

世间溜溜的女子 -- shijian liuliu de nǚzi,
任我溜溜的爱哟 -- ren wo liuliu de ai yao,
世间溜溜的男子 -- shijian liuliu de nanzi,
任你溜溜的求哟 -- ren ni liuliu de qiu yao.
月亮弯弯 -- yueliang wanwan,
任你溜溜的爱/求哟 -- ren ni liuliu de qiu yao。

You, see there are so "liuliu de" in the song, they have really made this song very fun and easy, right? :-)

That is all for this song and poem and hope you enjoy it.


If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , or, You are welcomed to publish your opinions in Forum For Friends as well. :-)   

Written, Translated and Recorded It On Sat, April 1, 2006