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Chinese Popular Song--002: The Same Song


Hi, friends, today, I would like to introduce a new Chinese popular song names The Same Songfor you. The lyrics of the song was written by Chen Zhe, Wang Jie. Meng Weidong wrote the music. This song was sung by Ms. Mao Amin as a solo first time in 80's. It was popular soon then. Now, it has been adapted to be a chorus as well.:-)


Fresh flowers have told me that how you had experienced,
mother earth knows every corner in your heart.
Every one does not want to miss a sweet dream,
Finally we face the happy meeting time today.

We have gone across thousand rivers and 10 thousands mountains,
We remember every meeting and the smiling faces each other.
In the bright sunshine and happy days,
we are hands in hands,
there are too many words that we want to say.

Starlight have covered whole of the childhood,
Wind and rain have gone through all of the corners in the world.
The same feelings give us a same desire,
The same happiness give us a same song.

The sunshine wants to permeate all of the languages,
The spring wants to pass on the friendly story,
The same feelings give us the same desire,
The same happiness give us the same song.


Xian1 hua1 cen2 gao4 su4 wo3 ni3 zen3 yang4 zou3 guo4,
da4 di4 zhi1 dao4 ni3 xin1 zhong1 mei3 yi1 ge4 jiao3 luo4,
Tian1 mi3 de meng4 a,
shui2 dou1 bu2 hui4 cuo4 guo4,
wo3 men2 shou3 la2 shou3 a,
xiang3 shuo1 de tai4 duo1.

Shui jian1 tiao2 shang1 wang4 zuo4 wo men ceng2 zuo3 guo4,
mei3 yi1 ci4 xiang1 feng2 he2 xiao4 lian3 dou1 bi3 ci3 ming2 ke4,
zai4 yang2 guang1 can4 lan4 huan4 le1 de ri4 zi li3,
wo1 men2 shou3 la1 shou3 a,
xiang3 shuo1 de tai4 duo1.

Xing1 guang1 sa2 man3 le suo3 you3 de tong2 nian2,
feng1 yu3 zou3 bian4 liao shi4 jie4 de jiao3 luo4.

Tong2 yang4 de gan2 shou4 give3 le wo3 men2 tong2 yang4 de ke3 wang4,
tong2 yang4 de huan1 le gei3 le wo3 men2 tong2 yi1 shou3 ge1.

I had heard this song and had known some of its tone years ago, but, I was not sure that's a popular song until my vocal music lesson last night.:-) This was the second time that I learned to sing a popular song. I have not mastered how to sing a popular song yet, but, I would really like to help you to improve your listening level via hearing a Chinese popular song while let you know more about Chinese culture. So, I tried to sing it for you here. :-) I do hope it is helpful and you will enjoy it. :-)

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to shirley@, you are welcomed.

Recorded The Song on Sat., Sep 10, 2005
Written, Edited the Text on Sun, Sep 11, 2005