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Bilingual Song--0033: 2008 Olympic Theme Song by Liu Huan & Sarah Brightman: "Ni He Wo -- You and Me" in English & Chinese

Listen to Liu Huan & Sarah Brightman Singing the Song, August 8, 2008

Instead of singing a Chinese song for you myself, this weekend I would like to present you with the 2008 Olympic Theme Song by the Chinese pop musician Liu Huan and a British musician Sarah Brightman.

I do enjoy its lyrics and rhythm. I also think the Chinese lyrics are easy to read and to remember. So, I have added the Chinese pronunciation for the lyrics for you. I really hope that this will be of some help to you in learning Chinese and in knowing more about Chinese culture.


You and Me

By Chen Qigang
You and me,
from one world.
Heart to heart,
We are one family.
For dreams we travel,
Thousands of miles,
We meet in Beijing.

Come together
The joy we share
You and me,
From one world.
we are one family.

Listen to Liu Huan & Sarah Brightman Singing the Song

我和你 -- Wo He Ni

陈其钢 -- Chen Qigang

我和你 -- Wo he ni,
心连心 -- xin lian xin,
同住地球村 -- Tong zhu diqiu zen。
为梦想 -- Wei mengxiang,
千里行 -- qianli xing ,
相会在北京 -- xianghui zai Beijing。

来吧 -- Laiba!
朋友 -- pengyou,
伸出你的手 -- shenchu ni de shou。
我和你 -- Wo he ni,
心连心 -- xin lian xin,
永远一家人 -- youyuan zai yiqi。

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--Shirley Zhang
Edited on Sun, August 10th, 2008.