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Shirley Sings the Chinese Folk Song 064: Mo Chou A, Mo Chou-- Don't Worry and Don't Worry

Listen to Shirley Singing the Song on Feb 24, 2008

Because the Festival of Lanterns, which marks the end of the Chinese Spring Festival did not pass until Thursday, my music lessons have not yet returned to normal so I taught myself a new Chinese folk song Mo Chou a Mo Chou --   Don't Worry and Don't Worry. :-)

There is a Mo Chou Lake in Nanjing City ? the capital of Jiansu province. It is said it was named after a girl -- Mochou, who lived in ancient times.

Mochou was from a poor family and was hardworking, kind, clever and beautiful. She could knit when she was 13; she started to pick up mulberry leaves when she was 14; she got married when she was 15.

Soon after she had given birth to her first child at 16 years, her husband was conscripted into the army and sent to a frontier fortress from which there was no news for 10 years. Instead of being constantly sad, she stopped worrying about her husband and made her feelings of missing and thinking of her husband induce her to work hard helping her neighbors and the poor. So, after she died, people changed the lake’s name "Mochou Lake" to “Don't Worry Lake”, also they fixed a statue of the Mochou Girl in her former residence in memory of her.

Instead of recording this song over 30 times as I have done with other songs, I just recorded it 5 times because I was short of time.

Anyway, I just hope that my singing will bring you a smile and be a little help to you in your Chinese learning and help improve your Chinese listening level.

Listen to Shirley Singing the Song on Feb 24, 2008

Walking by the Don't Worry Lake,
Ah, spring is everywhere.
Flowers are smiling little bit shyly
and the green water is also soft.
To take a photo by the Mochou Girl,
The country is so beautiful
and the people are so distinguished.
Don't worry and don't worry,
I wish you do not worry at all...

Boating on the Mochou Lake,
A, the moon is over the sky in the autumn night.
The happy songs are accompanied by the short flute,
the laugh is flowing with the lake water.
There are many things not easy in life since ancient times,
there is no necessity to worry
it will make your hair white when you are still young.
Don't worry and don't worry,
I wish you do not worry at all…


莫愁湖边走-- Mochou Gu bian zou,
啊,春光满枝头-- A,chunguang man zhitou。
花儿含笑羞 -- hua er hanxiu xiao,
碧水也温柔 --bi shui ye wenrou。
莫愁女前留个影 -- Mochou nǚ qian liu ge ying,
江山秀美人风流 -- jiangshan xiumei ren fengliu。
莫愁啊,莫愁 -- Mochou a,mochou,
劝君莫忧愁 -- quan jun mo youchou。

莫愁湖泛舟-- Mochou hu fanzhou,
啊,秋夜月当头 -- A, qiuye yue dangtou。
欢歌伴短笛-- huan ge ban duan di,
笑语满湖流-- xiao yu man hu liu。
自古人生多风浪 -- Zigu rensheng duo fenglang,
何须愁白少年头 -- hexu chou bai shaonian tou?
莫愁啊,莫愁 -- Mochou a,mochou,
劝君莫忧愁 -- quan jun mo youchou。

Listen to Shirley Singing the Song on Feb 24, 2008

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--Shirley Zhang
Written, Translated & Recording on Sun, Feb 24, 2008