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Chinese Instrument Music--003: Piano Concerto: The Yellow River

Instead of singing a song, this weekend, I would like to introduce a Chinese instrument music Piano Concerto -- The Yellow River.

Do you know why?

Tuesday night, when I reached to my music teacher's home, she had not come back home yet. With a very kind and responsible heart, she came to my home to offer me a lesson Wednesday noon and she continued to teach me the 4th Italian song "Di Spagna Sono Labella ? A Beautiful Spain Girl. However, tonight, when I would like to sing it for you, I found the other version of it. I would like to learn it and to make a record next weekend or later. .

Also, this afternoon, I missed 2nd concert after I had had my tickets. Last time, I gave my pipe organ concert ticket to a colleague for her husband came to Shenzhen. This weekend, I did not think that I would have time enough to complete the work on my web site. It is bad to miss a symphony concert; it is not bad for I myself would like to pay an opportunity cost since I want to improve my web site. After all, I am working on the music right now and I am enjoying an excellent Piano Concerto now :-)

The Piano Concerto Yellow River expresses how our Mother River like and how Chinese people love it and to protect it with our lives and blood in the II World War. Very touched and beautiful, hope you enjoy it.

Sun, Oct 28, 2007


The Yellow River is the cradle of the Chinese nation. It has been praised in literature and art works in all ages. The Yellow River Chorus is one of the most famous music compositions in the history of Chinese music. Because it is very long and sung in Chinese, I will only introduce 4 movements of the music by Mr. Xian Xinghai.

Part One: The Chantey of the Yellow River

This part of the music expresses to the Chinese nation how to overcome hardship, danger and difficulties, as well as how to make progress. The lyrics tell the boatmen in a storm how to deal with wind, rain, waves, and dangerous shoal in order to reach the shore safely. The music forms a magnificent picture of people in solidarity and struggle with nature and expresses two emotions - the tight mood created by hard work reflected in a strong, rapid and orderly rhythm - and the happiness of success with bright tone.

Part Two: The Canticle of the Yellow River

Part two praises the great and tenacious Yellow River. We seem to see a singer on top of the high mountain by the River. The music is deep, extended and solemn.

Part Three: The Yellow River in Wrath

The beautiful, peaceful and harmonious view of the banks of the Yellow River were broken by the World War II, and all of China was covered by black clouds and calamity. A woman whose husband was lost, child was dead, herself insulted by aggressors, runs to the Yellow River in a chilly wind and cold rain in a midnight. Finally, she plunges into the river with her humiliation.... The music changes from peaceful and bright to miserable and sad, in order to express the tragedy of a nation.

Part Four: Defending the Yellow River

The Chinese nation is fighting to defend the Yellow River, which is the motherland. People are rushing to the front to fight against the aggressors from far and near. Everywhere there are the actions to avenge. The music is strong, boiling, and full of the strength. It is like wind, like rain, like a storm that is cleaning up all of the evils of the War. We seem to hear the roaring of winds, the shouting of horses, the blustering of the Yellow River...

This music, created during World War II, forms a great statue of the Chinese nation --- the Yellow River. I was   touched deeply when I heard it for the first time. So, I wrote this article to introduce it for you and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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Written on Aug to Sep, 2000
Edited On Sat, Nov 12, 2005