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Shirley Sings a Chinese (Beijing) Folk Song-- 059: Guxiang Shi Beijing -- My Hometown Is Beijing


Hi friends, have you ever been to Beijing? Do you like Beijing? I do, Beijing is not only China’s capital, but also it is my birthplace and my first hometown and so ever since I first heard the song My Hometown Is Beijing, I have enjoyed listening to it. I love this song for its strong local Beijing dialect and for its strong local tone. There also a real taste of the Beijing Opera.

I originally learned this song 11 months ago, in June, 2006, but at that time I did not have the ability to sing it alone and so my teacher sang it with me.

Anyway, on Monday night, when I opened one of my music books, I found this song and I sung it once more. The more I sang it, the more I loved it and I felt that I now had the ability to sing it alone. :-)

On Saturday, despite having a sore throat and a headache all day through exhaustion, I did not cancel my vocal music lesson. I took some medicine to ease the pain and my music teacher directed me in singing this song once more.

Even though I have not mastered it well enough yet, I still feel very comfortable singing it right now.

I do hope that my song will bring you a big smile and be a little help to you in improving your Chinese listening level and in knowing more about Chinese culture.


My Hometown Is Beijing

I have been to whole of the world
and many famous cities.
But when I am thinking quietly,
I still best love my Beijing.

Needless to say
the bright moon over the Temple of Heaven,
and the wind in the Beihai Park.
the lions on the Luogou Bridge,
and the pines in the Temple of Tanzhe.
I can sing endless
the Taihe Hall with red walls and green jade tiles
I can see endless the lights of Zhangan Street as a rainbow.
As soon as I see the courtyard with wistaria and ancient pagoda trees,
I feel an emotional feeling with sweet,
clear and melodious
from their native Beijing tune and Beijing rhyme...

Needless to say
the skyscraper and the revolving halls,
the machine rooms in the electronic street,
and the lights in the night markets.
I sing endless the busy and happy Wang fujing street
I say endless the famous cooking and delicious food
with beautiful colors, sweet smell...

As soon as I think of
the you tiao (deep-fried twisted dough sticks),
soya milk and ordinary cakes
as a daily life of a family,
a delicate, soft, sweet and refreshing country feeling comes into my heart.

I have been to all over the world
and many ancient cities.
When I thinking quietly,
I still best love my Beijing.


故乡是北京-- guxiang shi Beijing

走遍了南北西东 -- zoubian le nan bei xi dong,
也到过了许多古城 -- ye daoguo xuduo mingcheng。
静静的想一想 -- jingjing di xian yi xian,
我还是最爱我的北京-- wo haishi zui ai wo de Beijing。

不说 那 -- bu shuo na
天 坛 的 明 月 -- Tiantan de mingyue
北海的风 -- Beihai de feng,
芦 沟 桥 的 狮 子 -- Lugouqiao de shizi,
潭柘寺的松 -- Tanzhesi de song。
唱不够 -- chang bu gou
那红墙碧瓦的太和殿-- na hongqiang biwang Taihedia;
道不尽-- dao bu jin
那十里长街卧彩虹 -- na shili changjie wo chaihong。
只看那-- zhikan ta
紫藤古槐四合院 -- ziteng guhuai siheyuan,
便觉的甜丝丝-- bian juede tiansisi,
脆生生 -- cui shengsheng,
京腔京韵自 多情 -- jingqiang hingyun zi duoqi...

不说 那--bu shuo na
高耸的大厦 -- gaosong de dasha,
旋转的厅 -- xuanchuan de ting,
电子街的机房 -- tianzi jie de jifang,
夜市上的灯-- yeshi shang de deng。
唱不尽-- chang du gou
那新潮 欢 涌 王府井 -- na xinchao huanyong Wangfujing;
道不尽-- dao bu jin
那名厨佳肴色香浓 -- na mingchu jiayao se xiang nong。
单想那-- dan xiang na,
油条豆浆家常饼 -- youtiao doujiang jiachangbing,
便勾起细悠悠 -- bian gou qi xi youyou,
密茸茸 -- mi rongrong,
甘美芬芳故乡情 -- ganxian fengfang guxiang qing...

走遍了南北西东 -- zoubian le nan bei xi dong,
也到过了许多古城 -- ye daoguo xuduo mingcheng。
静静的想一想 -- jingjing de xian yi xian,
我还是最爱我的北京-- wo haishi zui ai wo de Beijing。


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Written, Translated, Sung and Recorded on Sat, June 16, 2007