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The 2nd Friendly Greeting From Shirley, China -- Mon., Sep 5, 2005

Hi,Dear Friends

Hi, Friend,

This is a friendly greeting from Shirley, China.

Before starting a new week with many sunshine and happiness, I would like to offer you a Chinese painting, a Chinese classical poem and a Chinese pop song. I really hope to bring you a big smile from the far away orient...

Chinese Gongbi--010(Flower & Bird): Let Us Hug The Green
After painting 96 Gouache pictures, I am very interested in Chinese Gong Bi Paining and wanted to make both of them to be combined together in my art learning now and in the future. Here is a picture that I completed on Saturday. I created it with many smiles and much green to admire the great nature and green. I do hope you enjoy it and get your opinions.
Chinese Popular Song--001: Having You In My Mind
This is the first Chinese pop song that I learned to sing on Sunday after learning to sing art songs and folk songs for near 3 years. First time, I found to sing a pop song is very comfortable and make people feel easier and relaxed more. Maybe it is just one of the reasons there are so many people love it? I offered an English translation and new words for you, and hope it can help you to understand the lyrics.
Chinse Classical Peom--007: Jing Ye Si--Homesickness In The Peaceful And Moonlit Night
This is a little poem by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai. This expressed the feelings that people miss their hometowns. There are only 20 words and 4 lines in it. I offered you the new words list and an English translation. It is easy for you to remember them.

I am just a learner on the work. But, I do hope to help you to know more about orient cultures via my work and works as the return that you have showed the interesting in Eastern cultures. I really hope to get your help, support, and directions on matter on my English language or cultures and skills.

If you have any questions, requests, advice, comments, suggestions, please write to Or shirleyz004@ I will try to do my best to respond you via my web site or emails. You are welcomed.



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