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Fighting With the Sickness While Seeking Dream With A Hopeful & Peaceful Heart -- Shirley's 555th Friendly Greeting - May 15, 2017

Hi,Dear Friends

Have you had a good weekend?

This is just a short note to say Hello to you for keeping in touch with you, meanwhile, to share what I have done and hope to bring you a big smile.

Since I came back to China on April 29, 2017, I have been fighting with the sicknesses while working on my study under the directions of my supervisor -- Professor Mu Jiashan of Chinese National Academy of Arts.

Although I could not sit, walk for the sharp ache on my low back and legs, and I needed help from my arms or a stick or the walls when I got up, although I could not eat well for I sometimes vomited... I lied on the bed to read and I stood by the wall to paint. Many times, the ache made me tremble and the cost to sit on the chair for 10 munities is to lie on the bed for 30 munities to wait for the ache passing away... as soon as I could, I kept studying on my professional courses...

I have painted 10 little paintings since I came back China, include 7 Chinese Mountain and Water Painting / landscapes and 3 Chinese Flower and Bird Paintings, and includes Chinese Xieyi, Biaomiao and Mogu 3 kinds of techniques.

Since July 15, 2016, I have completed my assignments 112 of 300.

I am not sure whether I will be luck enough to take part in the special course which was offered by my supervisor in the other school in Beijing yet, I have watched some of his teaching video, read a lot according to his book list and I did not stop to paint as soon as I could stand up...

I am sure that I will get better and better along with the time. Right now, I am sitting on the chair to write to you on my computer even though the ache is still there and I need help from a wide waistband with some thin concrete iron in it...I will certainly create a wonder to recover my health some day.

No matter what will happen in the future,I am going to keep studying and living with my sicknesses together. With a hopeful and peaceful heart, to face my destiny and to keep my little cross-cultural and comprehensive art dream forever...

How about you? Do you have anything special to share?

Shirley's Art Works 1224-- Chinese Mogu 77- Shirley's 519th Assignment & the 112nd One in the 2nd Phase of CNAA- May 15, 2017

Shirley's Art Works 1223 & Chinese Baimiao -69--My 521st Assignment & the 111 One in the 2nd Phase of CNAA May 14, 2017

Shirley's Art Works 1222 & Chinese Baimiao -68--My 520th Assignment & the 110th One in the 2nd Phase of CNAA May 13, 2017

Shirley's Art Work 1221 -Xieyi 715- Shirley's 519th Assignment & the 109th One in the 2nd Phase of CNAA- May 12, 2017

Shirley's Art Work 1220 -Xieyi 714- Shirley's 518th Assignment & the 108th One in the 2nd Phase of CNAA- May 11, 2017

Shirley's Art Work 1219 -Xieyi 713- Shirley's 517th Assignment & the 107th One in the 2nd Phase of CNAA- May 10, 2017

Shirley's Art Work 1217 -Xieyi 711- Shirley's 516th Assignment & the 107th One in the 3rd Phase of CNAA- May 9, 2017

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or leave your message on Message Board.


Shirley Yiping Zhang
May 15, 2017 (Beijing Time)

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