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Attitude Decides Altitude -- Shirley's 472nd Friendly Greeting from Beijing- Jan 11, 2015

Hi,Dear Friends

How are you? Have you had a good beginning in the new year? Are you enjoying your weekend? I do hope you have and you are.

This is the 4th day from the last day of the first semester of 2014 class-year of Chinese National Academy of Arts and the 11th day of 2015 on my side.

In the past 11 days, I have attended 2 art lessons for 6 hours and 13 English classes for 33 hours. I have also completed 3 new paintings for 3 Chinese classical poems. Every day I study English for 4 hours and paint for 8 to 10 hours. Meanwhile, I have copied the digital teaching dada for my schoolfellows 1,560 GB ( 1.56 T ). I have started the first year of the three-year plan of my ten-year plan down to earth with a serious attitude:

-- January 1, 2015, I completed my first painting to match a Chinese classical poem by Wang Anshi10211086 Meihua -- Plum Blossom. January 3, 2015, I completed my second painting to match another Chinese classical poem by Li Bai (701762) Jing Ye Si C Miss My Hometown in the Moonlight Both of them were drafted in June and May, 2014 but I didn't continue them until 2015. Then January 8 - January 10, I re-painted the third painting that had been completed on Dec 14 but be taken away by one of my former classmates to match the 3rd classical poem by Liu Yuxi(772 - 842 )Ode to Tree Peonies

-- January 5, 2015, Professor Tian Liming (he is on the first photo) who is the Vice President of Chinese National Academy of Arts, Dean of Chinese Painting School of CNAA and Tutor of Doctoral Students gave us a lecture on Chinese Painting¨s Creating and Artists' Self-education.

-- January 8, 2015, Professor Man Weiqi (he is on the second and third photos ) who is the Deputy Dean of Chinese Painting School of CNAA gave us a lecture and checked our assignments. Then he invited all of the students to have an early Chinese New Year¨s lunch.

-- January 10, 2015, a former colleague Mr. Zhang Shulian who works in China's Securities Regulatory Commission now, a former work partner Mr. Xu Yong who works in the Government of Pudong District of Shanghai now and his friend Mr. Xu Huolu who works in a department of China came to see me and we had a good talking.

My hard work has gotten some good encouragement from the tutors of the English School and Chinese National Academy of Arts.

-- Two English tutors told me that my English level is much better than the other students but my study method is wrong. Following their directions, I am trying to change my mind to adapt to the domestic examination.

-- Professor Man Weiqi praised me in his lesson and called on the other schoolfellows to learn from me for my hard work.

During I worked on these jobs, I did have the feeling that Attitude Determines the Altitude.

Before I became a VIP student of the English school on Dec 30, 2014, I had studied English for a long time. However, I disliked grammar and did not want to spend time on it at all. Since I attended the classes of Professor Zhang Nengyan who is from Beijing University January 2, 2015, I have just realized the importance of English grammar and the lack of my basic knowledge. With a fresh attitude and a new method, I am trying to build a system of English grammar in my mind and to correct so many mistakes that I have made for many years. Trying to work according to the the rules of English grammar as accurately as possible.

Now I have completed 84% of the assignments that my tutor asked me to finished before the end of January, 2015. I am working hard on the basic knowledge and traveling a new journey of English study with a more serious attitude. For example, at the moment I am writing to you, I am paying more attention to every sentence structure, word, spelling, tense, voice and interpunction, which I did not truly careful about before. :- )

I do feel that I have ^ come back  ̄ to the similar situation that studied World Economics at Fudan University 1997 to 1999 when I was a busy editor and manager in Shenzhen for transforming my education background from Chinese language and literature to economics and finance; right now, I am working on changing my education background from economics and business administration to Fine Arts base on the art study in Beijing for 5 years.

I do believe that attitude rather that aptitude will decide the altitude. No matter what we do, as long as we treat it seriously with a positive and serious attitude, we can certainly do it best. Do you think so?

How about you? Do you have anything special to share?

You are welcome to see the photos and their notes by click the link

Shirley's Art 954 - the 101st Integrated Art of Painting, Music, Singings, Translation & Article for Chinese Classical Poem:Mei Hua - Plum Blossom -Shirley's Assignment 355 at Chinese National Academy of Arts - May, Dec 28,2014 - Jan 1, 2015

Shirley's Art 956 - the 102nd Integrated Art of Painting, Music, Singings, Translation & Article for Chinese Classical Poem:Jing Ye Si-Miss My Hometown at the Peaceful Night-Shirley's Assignment 356 at Chinese National Academy of Arts - July, Dec 29, 2014 -Jan 3, 2015

Shirley's Art 957 -Integrated Art 103: Song Mudan - Ode to the Tree Peonies - Shirley's Assignment 357 at Chinese National Academy of Arts - Jan 11,2015


Shirley Yiping Zhang
Jan 11, 2015 (Beijing Time)

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