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Behind the Unexpected Lucks-- Shirley's 451st Friendly Greeting from Beijing, May 18, 2014

Hi,Dear Friends

How are you? Have you had a good week? Are you enjoying your weekend now? I do hope you have and you are.

There are only 6 days before I walk into the National English Examination room.

Anyway, as a student and a volunteer teacher, I will not cancel anything I must do, so, I am going to attend a class by Professor Mu Jiashan C Principal of Asian Pacific Art Institute of America and a Researcher of Chinese National Academy of Arts on Monday, to go to give a free class to my Chinese students at Shuangqiu Road Resident Community on Friday, then to go to see the Examination room on Saturday since we would not know where it is until May 19.

Recently, I asked myself often, why there were so many unexpected lucks happened to me in the past 31 days (April 17 C May 18) ? What were behind these lucks? What I should learn from them?

You see:

-- May 8 C 12 and April 17- 20, twice, I was elected to the team that was consisted of about 20 graduates from previous 7 class years and 2013 class year by Professor Man Weiqi C Associate and Executive Dean of Chinese Painting School at Chinese National Academy of Arts to paint something for the school;

-- May 9, 2014, I became a volunteer teacher at Shuang Qiu Road Resident Community by the recommendation of Mrs. Zhao Chunlan and Mrs. Dong Xiufeng whom I met in Jingshan Park April 27, 2014.

-- May 14, 2014, I was recommended to a college of an institute to teach foreign students to learn Chinese by my student Mrs. Zheng Qiang after I finished my first free class in Beijing.

-- May 16, 2014, a Chinese instructor in the International Exchange College at the Institute Ms. Xu Huiqing came to my teaching places, to see how my students learned a Chinese classical poem facing my Chinese painting to enjoy, read, recite and sing in the classroom, then to paint from the nature by a river in a park. With many smiles, she thought it would be very good for me to give an optional course or some lectures for their foreign students since it is at the middle of a semester already. We will also have some opportunity to discuss the possibility to open a formal class at her college.

-- May 13, 2014, Professor / Dr. Clifton M. Smart C President of Missouri State University, U.S.A. responded my letter in person. He has appointed Mr. Stephen H. Robinette -- Associate Vice President of the University to have a talking with me in Beijing. We will discuss the possibility to start the core part of my cross-culture and comprehensive art project: Poetry, Painting, Music: Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese for their students and local American people via the flat roof of the American University.

-- April 28, an elder lady Mrs. Zheng Peisan specially went back home from Jingshan Park, Beijing, to take a campstool for me when she found that I was sitting on the ground to paint from the nature and it touched my heart as soon as I think of it these days.

I am thinking: what is behind my so many lucks? Maybe they are just the kindness, foresight, and the professional sensitivity?

Yes, I think so:

-- Just the kindness of natural instincts of Mrs. Zheng Peisan as one of common Beijing People, she walked under the hot sunshine for about 30 minutes, to help me as a mother to look after her daughter C even she carried 3 pieces of chocolate for me.

-- Just the kindness and foresight as a famouse artist, a senior professor and experienced management, Professor Man Weiqi gave me - a student who just be in the art colleges for 4 years but works hard some opportunities to study, to be intensive trained at the moment of truth.

-- And the professional sensitivity of Mrs. Zeng Qiang -- a former researcher at a college drove her to recommend me to her school forwardly.

-- With an open mind and same professional sensitivity, Ms. Xu Huiqing -- the instructor of Chinese as a foreign language, would like to report what she had seen, talked with me and her feelings to her bosses, and to offer some opportunities to their foreign students and me.

-- Just the sensitivity of Mrs. Zhao Chunlan, Mrs. Dong Xiuyun to my nature after a short talking with me, they chose me to be their teacher firmly among many painters in the park, even though they were followed by someone else but I told them ^ I am just a student. ̄

-- And the kindness, professional sensitivity and foresight as a management, President Smart did not only meet me in his office and came to my art exhibition at the art gallery of OTC before I left for China, but also, he has given me the good opportunity to meet a senior official from his University, to discuss the possibility to make my dream to be true in Beijing.

When I am writing here, I cannot help thinking so many people who have helped me on my dram seeking road one by one. I am thinking:

If there were no the kindness, professional sensitivities and foresight of Mrs. Kat Allie -- Department Chair of Fine Arts of Humanities and Manager of Art Gallery of Ozarks Technique Community College and her bosses; Mrs. Wanda Nava C Art Teacher of Seymour R-II School and her bosses Mr. D. Bruce Denny C Superintendent of her School and her high school principal; If there were no Dr. Bill R. Booth C a former Art Professor for 45 years, Mr. Steve St. John C General Manager of Eastern Kentucky Expo Center, KY, Ms. Leigh Ann Hughes C Former Grant Administrator of City of Pikeville, former Director of Pikeville Artisan Alliance and their City Manager C Mr. Donovan Blackburn, there would no my 4th and 3rd comprehensive art exhibitions, my poetry, painting and music would not be able to enter their art, music and language classrooms in Missouri and in Kentucky, U.S.A. in Feb, 2014, Sep, 2013 and May, 2013.

Just because of the kindness, professional sensitivities and foresight of Mr. Zhou Yiran C an American Chinese teacher, Mrs. Wang Yan C former Kentucky President of Chinese Teacher Association, Dr. Xiu Huajing C Director of Confucius Institute at University of Kentucky, and Mr. Randy Barrette C President of Kentucky World Language Association, I got the opportunity to make a speech at Kentucky World Language Association, and started to think of the relationship between traditional Chinese Painting and Modern Chinese, how to combine them. In Lexington, U.S.A., first time, I walked in to the classrooms of Chinese as a foreign language, in 2011.

With the foresight and kindness of Dr. Belinda McCarthy C Former Provost of Missouri State University, Dr. Thomas Lane C Associate Vice President of MSU, Ms. Robin Lower C Director of the Brick City Art Gallery at MSU, not only gave me an opportunity to hold my second art exhibition tht was approved before I went to Missouri State University, but also I had an opportunity to see my American doctors. Then I found the hope and direction of my own development in the most difficult time.

What I cannot forget was for the kindness, foresight and professional sensitivities of Mr. Gong Xiaoou - China Program Specialist of Missouri State University, Mr. Brad Bodenhausen C former Executive Manager of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, MO, Ms. Leah Hamilton CDirector of Arts Administration Program at Drury University and former Executive Director of Springfield Regional Art Council, and Ms. Stephanie Cramer C Director of Programs and Exhibitions of Springfield Art Council, my first art exhibition was held at Creamier Art Center in the USA, 2009, it has become the footstone and established the base for me to develop a cross-culture and comprehensive art road from Springfield, MO, U.S.A. since Sep, 2009.

At almost same time, August, 2009, with the same kindness, foresight, and professional sensitivity, Dr. Wang Hua C President of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics, former vice President of Jinan University and former president of Jinan University Publishing Press was the Chief Supervisor of E-bridge Cross-culture Series I recommended me to Mr. Xu Yixiong C President of Jinan University Press. With the same qualities and a wide sight, Mr. Xu mentioned the conception of Cross-culture for the second series publication. Since then, he and his team has been my best advisors and supporters, the core publication of my cross-culture and comprehensive art -- Volume 1 of the second series: 鮒鮫赤祭杠碗嬖査囂 C Poetry, Painting and Music: Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese Language was published and be issued abroad and in China since May, 2013.

When I write here, I must say: If there was no my former bosses: Mr. Zhou Ming C former Vice President of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and President of our company, Dr. Zheng Song C General Manager of Shenzhen Securities Information Ltd. and Shenzhen City panorama Network Ltd, if there was no their help and support with their kindness and their foresight, it is impossible for me to study in the USA and in Beijing at all...

And if there were the good help from Mr. Jiang Yaping - Fonder and first Chief Editor of the web site of People's Daily, Dr. Huo Xuewen - Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work and Mr. Zhang Genji Zhang C Secretary General of Beijing Zhanxiang Gao Foundation for Culture and Art... with their foresight and kindness, I would not think of making my paintings in a same size and worked on them as an "Products"...

May, 2013, I asked Dr. Bill R. Booth in Lexington, Kentucky and I wondered why you wanted to help me and recommended me in 2009 when I was just an amateur, there was not any experience at any art college and my new publication was just a dream in my mind? He said, ^ What I saw was your potential, I was confident with you for your development and for your personal quality. ̄ Then in May, 2014 year, when I told Mrs. Zhao Chunlan who recommended me to be their teacher: I did not think that I had the qualification to teach them since I was just a student. She said the similar words.

So, the more I think, the more I realize clear: all of my lucks because I have met (I did not meet many of them when they helped me) so many leaders, experts, artists and common citizens with professional sensitivities, far-sight, wide chests, open minds and kind human qualities...

As a lucky art student, I would really like to cherish my lucks, to return them and this world with my hard work, to help more people while to improve myself each day.

With this idea, this week, except I taught my Chinese students to read and to sing a Classical poem by Libai, to paint from the nature free. I have bought 140 copies of the most excellent ancient Chinese paintings and 41 big size art books, to collect and to accumulate data for my project continually, as I did often in the past more than 10 years.

Except I sent 4 of them to Mrs. Zeng Qiang, to thank her for her good help. Especially I gave two big size art book of Song Dynasty Paintings to Mrs. Zhao Chunlan, to reward her for she has made a uncommon progress. I am sure, you would not believe the first painting on this page from the nature was from a student who started to paint out of door first time April 27, 2014. But, it is true. :-)

When I saw her painting out of door, I did feel so much happiness in my heart indeed. I do feel to spend my time and energy for them is worth.

Also, I sent another 6 big books to Mrs. Zhen Pisan who carried the campstool to me in Jingshan Park April 28. Since her cell phone has not been working since we parted, I called the police station to find the telephone number of the resident community she was in, and entrusted the latter to deliver my pack to her...since she has no any art books yet and she had to copy the pictures from her calendar on the wall. :-)

The most important this week: I have made sure my layout for the upcoming 3 years.

-- Base on the model of the core series publications, I am going to work on the single publications around of the core;

-- To establish the teaching model of the core part of my project by working as a volunteer for 3 years in the USA and maybe in Australia and in China, to found a teaching model online and face to face;

-- To find the best suitable business model...

-- To get my second master degree.

My current heart is similar to the situation I was in 1978 C then, I was preparing to enter the university by passing the first national examination after the culture revolution. Now, my life has entered the last phase, my second or third career is just at the beginning.

My mind is full of the hope and expectations, my heart is just 25. :- )

How about you? How old is your psychology age? Do you have anything special to share this week?

Notes of the photos:

No. 1: A part of students and I after the paintings from the nature.

No. 2: Students were reciting and singing a Chinese poems with me together.

No. 3: Assignment of Mrs. Zhao Chunlan.

No. 4: Assignement of A student

No. 5: Assignement of Mrs. Hai Xianghua

No. 6: Assignement of Mrs. Zhang Ronghui

No. 7: Mrs. Zhao Chunlan and I at Her Home

No. 8: Students were singing a Chinese Poem with me together


Shirley Yiping Zhang
May 18, 2014 (Beijing Time)

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