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The 4th Friendly Greeting From Shirley, China--Sun.,Sep, 18, 2005

Hi,Dear Friends

This is the 4th Friendly Greeting from Shirley via a mail group from China.

Today is one of the most important Chinese traditional festival -- The mid-autumn festival. This is a day that all of a family sit together to enjoy the bright moon while to eat the moon cakes and most of the companies give their employees some money for an extra holiday fee. People like to send the moon cakes each other to express to celebrate and the good wishes. ? The moon cake is round, that signs our lives will be also very harmonious, perfectly satisfactory and happy. Anyway, as a migration city, most of people in our city can not go back our parents' homes for it isn't a national holiday. So, most of us send some messages via the mobile phones or make a telephone to our family members or friends or leaders in the special time to show our friendly greetings.
On the Chinese mid-autumn festival, I do hope all of the friends lucky, happy and harmonious under that same moon. I do wish our friendship is forever as the moon forever.

Gouache--0097: Let's Hug The Green
Since my art teacher started the new term in the art college, my art lesson basically to be deleted, so, I did not have my art lesson on the weekend once more. However, I completed my 97th Gouache painting on Saturday. I wanted mix Chinese Gong Bi, Chinese Xie Yi painting ways and Gouache painting way together and create my own way to paint my flowers and birds. However, I forgot the gouache colors are not transparent as most of Chinese painting colors. So, I did not deal with the lines on the leaves well and it sounds like a little bit strange. Right?
China (Northeastern) Folk Song--006: Yao Lan Qu -- Lullaby
After learning some Western lullabies as the art song learning, I asked my vocal music teacher to teach me a Chinese lullaby on Saturday¨s vocal music lesson. This is a Northeast folk with a very strong breath of Northeast Er Shen Chuan -- a song-and-dance duet. I have seen some different editions about this folk song, the lyrics were changed many times, but the tone is not changed. Compare this song with the other folks, I am sure, you will feel the difference music styles in the different places in China. I do hope you enjoy it. :- )
Chinese Classical Poem--009: Xiang Si -- Red Bean Seeds
There is a very famous poem in China: Du2 zai4 yi4 xiang1 wei2 yi4 ke4, mei3 feng2 jia1 jie2 bei4 si1 qin1. That means ^when someone is a guest in a strange place alone, he/she will more miss his/her family members, lovers and friends. ̄ So, in the Chinese mid-Autumn Festival, I would like to introduce a little poem that relatives to miss someone by Tang Dynasty poet ? Wang Wei. I do admire how the poet to express his feelings that miss their family members or lover or friends with a very healthy, optimistic and positive way. I wrote a piece of music to match the poem. My piano teacher gave me a good mark for my music writing and she added some accompanying for my left hand and played it for me. Anyway, I lost my last file last night,. That is why, now you have heard, is my first creating´ 

I am just a learner on all of the work. Very often, I am not sure what words I should write in English, what color I should use on my picture and how to deal with a breath in a song. However, I really hope to do a little bit things for helping you to know something more about orient cultures and improve your Chinese level while to improve myself.

I really hope to get your help, support, and directions on matter on English language or cultures and skills as well.
If you have any questions, requests, advice, comments, suggestions, please write to or You are welcomed.

Written and Sent It on Sun., Sep 18, 2005

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