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Cultures & Customs From The Other Culture--009: American Boy Scout Troops
--By Mr. Michael F. Guerra (U.S. A.)
I am so lucky that I have got much support and help from many good friends. I am reaslly interested in something about American Boy Scout Troops by Mr. Michael F. Guerra below, have you been one of the Boy Scout Troops in your life? I had been one many years ago, that really a good recalling...

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-- Shirley
Fri, Feb 24, 2006

Dear Shirley,

Ni hao!

I have spent the last week camping in the snow with several Boy Scout Troops at a Historical Camp Site in Valley Forge.   This is where George Washington Camped with his Troops during the American Revolution over 300 years ago.

This is difficult camping for the Scouts as it is a Historical Site.   They are not allowed to leave any traces that they were there, and are not allowed to have open fires.   The site has to remain as undisturbed as possible and therein lies the challenge for 12 to 18 year old boys.   It is also a very good experience for them because of the historical value.   Washington camped with his troops during a very harsh winter, where there was not enough food or other supplies.   Of course they went on afterwards to defeat the British troops.   This is when we became a country in 1776.

This year the temperature was -6 degrees with wind chill factors bringing the temperatures down to -26 degrees.   There were 1500 boys camping out, usually two to four boys in a tent,   there are no T.V.'S, no radios, no computer games.   Basically the boys have to learn to cope with the cold, feed themselves and entertain themselves without any of the modern conveniences one can find at home.   While this may sound hard to do, the only Scouts an adult leaders that go on this camp out every year are volunteers.   Of course, as adults we make sure the boys are safe and are not in danger.   The boys learn what the hardships the the Country's founding fathers dealt with in order to form this country.

That was really a good expreience to be with the Boy Scout Troops for awhile... :-)