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Cultures And Customs From The Other Culture--004: Thanksgiving
--By Mr.Tom Smith (U.S.A.)
Hi, friends, is it a holiday season on your side? Days ago, I received a letter from Mr. Tom Smith (U.S.A.). I am interested in what he introduced about Thanksgiving in the U.S. and I guess it will be help for the friends who are from the other cultures, so, now I publish it on the web site as a friend's works. Hope it is helpful.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions; if you would like to publish something about your culture,   please write to , or, You are welcomed.

Written, Edited and Recorded On Fri, Dec 9, 2005

Hi, Shirley,

As for Thanksgiving, this is when the first peoples many many years ago came to what they called THE NEW WOLRD now The United States and met the first Indians...

The Indians were or had not ever seen white peoples at all and at first were most shy and even scared and we had of course weapons and technology that they had not ever seen at all...but as time went on they got use to the new (WHITE SKINNNED MEN OR WHITE SKINNED PEOPLES..MALE AND FEMALES) and started to trade...small items at first...blankets, cooking items, clothing, silk and so on...

And in return they tought us how to plant new things like corn (maze) to them...and other items ..also how to build homes as the winters were cold and we had not had much of this in the new world....anyway they took or selected a day to give thanks...and it was known as find a turkey...of course due him in.(kill it..:)), cook him with stuffing, waterchest nuts, dressings, salt, pepper and spices...have gravy, wild rice, (as a side dish) and salds....there are football games on t.v. and all of the families get together and enjoy the day...many shall go to church or to the faith to pay to start..and then the bird (turkey) is cooked and enjoyed later that day..... then time for a glass of wine, tea, coffee and to rest and chat...amoung the peoples of the family...enjoy all and enjoy the holiday....all federal buildings such as the post office and banks are closed as it is a holiday......

All employeers with the exception of the emergency services of course are closed...but stores are open until 3 pm and have all on sale that that and the next many many bargins can be found...up to 70 percent off... this is when all like to buy for christmass...

Wish you well.

Wed, Nov 22, 2005