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Custom & Trandition From The other Culture--003: A Poem of Sohrab Sepehri's
By Mr. Ali Amili (Iran)
Hi, Friends, are you interested in ancient Persia cultures? I am lucky enough to get an article from Mr. Ali Amili from Iran. He was trying to introduce something about a great poet in his culture. I would like to publish it here and hope you enjoy it. :-)

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Sun, Nov 6, 2005


I prepare to you a little subject about an Iranian poet and painter as following:

We had a late poet in the name of Sohrab Sepehri, who was died in 1981 for the cause of blood cancer in his young age. As you know the Iranian poems were in a classic style for e.g. Hafez, Moolavi, Khayyam,?ut through the recent 50 years, there were few poets who changed this class and had started the new style of poetry. The establisher of this class was late Nima Yoshij.

Anyway Sohrab was an expert painter just as a nice poet. The people asked him what your income is. Does live anyone by poem without any earnings? He replied them by a nice poem, I write in Farsi spelling and its meaning as following:

The Poem In Farsi:

Ahle Kaashanam,

Pisheh am Naghtshirt,

Gah gahi,

Ghafassi Misaazam as rang,

Mi forosham be shomaa,

Taa baa avaze ghanaari,

Ke dar aan zendaanist,

Dele tanhaa ietan tazeh shavad.

The Main Meaning In English:

I am from Kaashan, (A city in Isfahan province in the center of Iran)

I do panting,


I make a cage by brush and color,

Then sell it to you,

So, with the song of a canary,

That as a prisoner has felt into this cage.

Your solitude shall become fresh.

Have the finest shinny days in this FALLING SEASON.

Yours sincerely.

Wed, Nov 2, 2005