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Custom & Trandition From The other Culture--001: Persian Calendar & Chinese Shenxiao
By Ali Amini(Iran)
Hi, Friends, it is lucky that I received a responding and some beautiful photos from Mr. Ali A. from Iran. He mentioned something that I introduced about Chinese Shenxiao is similar to the Persian's calendar. So, I tried to edit it and introduce his essay here. Hope you enjoy it and welcomed to take part in the discussions. :-)

Do you have anything would like to say about your cultures? What is the difference between Western and Eastern cultures in your opinions? Would you like to publish anything here?

If you have any questions, comments, advices or suggestions, if you would like to publish something that you have written/made via the little web site, or make a link with my website, please write, you are welcomed.:-)

Written on Thur.,Sep 1,2005
Edited on Sat.,Oct 1, 2005


Dear Shirley

I read the page of Chinese Shenxiao and find that it is very similar to our (Persian) calendar.

Also the Turkish name of them are mentioned as following: ( Turkish is the formal language of Turkey country and Turkmenian tribes are speaking a branch of Turkish. Turkmen are the native of Iran and Turkmenistan country in the north east of Iran ) In Iran the 12 Earthly Branches are in this respect :

Farsi - Turkmen - Turkish - English

Morgh - Tokhagooy - Toyoogh - Hen
Sag - Eet - Eet -Dog
Khook - Tonkooz - Doghooz - Pig
Moosh - Sichghaan - Sichaan - Mouse (Rat)
Gaaw - Ood - Eenayh - Cow
Palang- Baars - Palayh -Leopard
Khargoosh -Tooshghan- Dovshaan - Rabbit
Nahang- Sooy - Lakga - Whale
Maar- Yeelan - Eelan - Snake
Asb - Yont - Aat -Horse
Goosfand - Gooy - Gooyon - Sheep
Meymoon - Pichi - Meymoon -Monkey

Be remembering that the Iranian Azarbaijani Turkish language is different as the Turkish of Turkey country and I know each of them as well .

If you pay attention to the above branches , you can find that there are similar together, but you know that our ( Iranian, Afghani and Azarbaijani) formal years are started in the first day of each spring season ( 21st March every year). Now we are in Hen year.

I asked 5 employees of my office about their birth years and compared their symbolizations according your calendar , I found that there are much matching between their treatments and symbolization!

Mine is Dragon (1964) and I am an Idealist person, also like to create many thing specially in telecommunication technology, Electronic case , Computer software,In addition I wrote some poem and short stories at my youth times,This makes me satisfied.That is really as similar as the characteristics of people were born in Gragon year as you mentioned in your artical in Chinese Shenxiao.

Best wishes and yours sincerely .

--Ali A.From Iran