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Great Works By This Great Woman Somewhere In The Country Of China By Robert D. Dismore (U.S.A.)
As usual,I get much helpful suggestions and friendly supports from many good friends. As a musician, Mr. Robert D. Dismore is just one of the friends who have given me much great help and directions no matter on music, art or the management of the web site. Here is one of his comments and hope you enjoy it.

If you have any thought, comments especial, you are welcomed to publish it here. You are welcomed.

Oct 19, 2005

Ms Shirley,

Once again I have experienced your lovely multicultural exchange of artistic talents. I love the painting because it appears with more vibrant color than others I seen. I particularly like that idea.   the music was wonderful the first song put me into my trance or meditation depending on who you talk to. And the opera piece was lovely before it stopped about 1/3 way through. I can say by looking at the Real Player window the levels bars fell down inditing no sound, but the progression line continues to move towards the end of the song... I did reload it with no avail. Maybe it s a temporary thing.. needs looked   into fixing... other than that I m sure this web site will eventually evolve into something so beautiful and magnificent, it will have to have specialized departments and separate newsletters, or maybe not. Maybe you will want to keep it at a manageable level where its members can support it through grants or other funding if needed.   I certainly would offer my assistance in the ideas that I'm sure boggle the mind, especially the financial piece that unfortunately shuts other sites down because of non support.. Your website and newsletter is packed full of masterful pieces and of course your talents never go un supported by its listeners and helpers, Friends, family and fans around the world...

Take care of your voice, those gifted hands and fingers, the heart and soul of your creation, and the Shirley   that   has given many her positive outlook on life.

With creative, intellectual and heart felt open mind   ...

I thank you...

--Robert D. Dismore