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Good Responses from My Friends and Readers -- Jan 01 - 29, 2013
I am lucky enough that I have gotten many responded from my friends and readers. There are more than 4000 letters that I have read, but there is no time enough to order them yet.

Therefore, I just would like to respond these letters in my winter vacation and choose some of the to share with you there.

Below are some of respondings in one of my inbox, and I would like to share with you.

I really hope that my little web site will become a little bridge of cross-culture, comprehensive art and friendship by your good help and, directions and support.


Prof. Beatrice D.from USA Jan 29, 2013

Dear Shirley:

Thanks so much for continuing to share with us your beautiful work and thoughts. They are beautiful, indeed.

Congratulations for your work in the arts and now the publication of your work in poetry and or literature in English.   Stay with it and become known to your country s one of its best artists and writers of any form of literature.

Your paintingsare indeed very beautiful, colorful and elegant. Have you made sales of the art pieces you did? Take care an God Bless.   

Beatrice (Donofrio)

Mrs. Emily F. from USA Jan 29, 2013

Dear Shirley,

I have enjoyed following your post over the past several years.   You have certainly given yourself to your art interests.   

I do wish you well in your pursuits.   You are a wonderful ambassador for your country.

Sent with love and best of wishes for a very secure and love-filled future.

Emily Frost

Mr. Jestin T from USA Jan 20, 2013

Dear Shirley

I will pray for you that your stomach troubles may be relieved and that if you need medical attention that you would receive wise doctors and that they give you good care.


Mr. William G. from USA Jan 15, 2013

Dear Shirley,

I agree that stress and eating can cause stomach issues. So take whatever action is needed to reduce the stresses ( many are self-induced due to self-expectations!) and be sure to eat well with proper rest. medicines and surgeries can only do limited things to our bodies. It is up to US, on a DAILY BASIS, to heal ourselves!

Best wishes for 2013!!!


Dr. Stevan   O. K from USA Jan 14, 2013

Dear Shirley,

Good to hear from you.   That is great that you learned that your retirement will be with more funds.   I think your attached art is beautiful.   Keep up the excellent work, but you really need to relax more and not place so much pressure on yourself.   Protect your health.   I think you should have your stomach problem check out with a doctor immediately.

Our winter break is now over.   Classes start today.   I have much to do to get ready for my classes that start tomorrow.

Have a blessed day!!

Dr. Olson

Mr. Claude R. from Canada Jan 14,2013

ni hao ma
im good ....i love to see all lovely things you do
take care
zai jian

Mr. Yiran Z from USA Jan 14, 2013 (extract)

Da Jie,

I did not see any mistake in the pages in your publication you sent to me, within my ability. They are good writing and description.

Take care.


Dr.Guoping K. from China Jan 8, 2013





Mr.Azeem K.   from Pakistan Jan 7, 2013


So wonderful my so great much nice friend accept my heartest congratulations for ur so many achievement in the last year 2013 and so many hopes for this year 2013 God bless u too much for this year and gave u so much success   take care good bye now

Azeem Kayani

Mr. Claude L. from Canaca Jan 14, 2013

ni hao ma
im good ....i love to see all lovely things you do
take care
zai jian

Mr. Gao Tengyue from China Jan 7, 2013


Dr. J. Darragh M.   Elliott from Canada Jan 7, 2013 ( extract)

Hi Shirley:

It looks like I will be going to New York next week. I have received a commission to appraise a painting by the Spanish artist, Francisco Goya.

Goya is considered as being the last of the Old Master painters and the first of the moderns.

As you know, we have just come through our Christmas season, and I ended up singing in 3 Cantatas and giving 4 concerts, plus the usual church services. So, I am tired of singing.

Winter is here in all its splendour, and we have lots of snow. Ugh, all the more to plow.

All my best,


Mr. Andrea N. from Italy Jan 2, 2013

My dear Shirley,

I wish you and all your beloved ones all the best for a prosperous 2013, full of joy and exciting new projects!


Andrea from Rome

Mr. Lloyd M. from Switzerland Jan 1, 2013

Hi, Shirley,

Happy New Year.

Take care,

Mr. Frederick R. from USA   Jan 1, 2013

Hello, Dear Shirley,

First, A very Happy   and Blessed New Year to you and yours. I seems by your email that you   have had a very busy schedule? For me, I have done nothing much except to have my 80th Birthday to come and go with the Good Lord being by my side and keeping me in good health. At time, a little loneliness creeps into my mind and i have to fight it off. Mostly alone but not ever really lonely. I feel that loneliness is only a state of mind. I do know that being alone brings on peace and quiet. Every since my time at war, I have found that being alone helps to place one's mind at peace, even with the horrors of war being ever-present.

I do hope that you enjoyed a very pleasant and prosperous Christmas period? Here again, I do not have an interest in Christmas due to the commercialization of the Blessed Day. Stay healthy and continued success in all your endeavours..

A friend,


Dr. B. Booth fom USA Jan 1, 2013

Dear Shirley:


I am very impressed that your copy of Fan Kuan’s scroll painting “Traveler’s in the High Mountains and Streams”was done to the exact size of the original. I would have loved to see it close up and compare it to the one I have that is a huge scroll from the National Palace Museum in Taipei it was photographed in Tokyo and printed on Silk so every dot on the original is on the copy.    Since the original is in very fragile condition they only show it alongside the copy one week each year and then return it to the vault.

I hope your visit back home will provide the atmosphere and climate to make you more confortable and help you restore your health.   Being in a familiar place is good for the spirit and the mind.   I wish you the greatest joy, happiness, good health and good fortune for the coming year and that your work will gain in strength due to your passion for what you are doing.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Bill R. Booth

Mr. Amma from USA Jan 1, 2013


You have a Happy new year as well :)


From Mr. Tony Yuching from USA Jan, 2013


Wishing you a happy and healthier new year for 2013.

God bless,

may all your dreams and wishes come truth in 2013 happy in life

Happy New Year!



Mr. Steve R. from USA Jan 1, 2013 (extract)


Happy New Year.

My best to you for a happy and healthy 2013.

Hope your first day of the year was a productive one.


Mr. Jean-Pierre B. From France Jan 1, 2013

hello! merçi for your message! bravo for your courage and congratulations on your beautiful paintings! spend a very good year in 2013 and take good care of you! friendly!


Mr. Ronaldo Luis G. F.from the Philippines Feb 1, 2013

Hi Shirley, Happy new year to you. God bless us always...

Ronaldo Luis G. Facun

Mr. Adriano from USA, Jan 1, 2013

I wish for everybody still alive of the group, a happy new year.

Happyness, joy, love, and completation for your wishes.


Prof. Chaobin M. from China Jan 1, 2013


建议注意身体,干什么都留余地,给自己多留点时间享受生活.         耄耋老人.2013.1.1.

Mr. Patrick Sells from USA

Good Evening and a Happy New Year.

I have not had time to respond to your letters but have been reading each of them when I find the time.   I wish you the very best with your career and especially your health.

Your friend forever.


Mr. Patrick Sells

Missouri State University


Mr. Dave W from France Dec 31, 2012

May you have a good year and

continue to enrich the world.



7am est

Celtic Dew

Mr. Mick B from France Dec 30, 2012

hello my precious friend

thanks for your letters a long the year

I wish you


with a good HEALTH

a lot of happiness and LOVE

care you


your french friend


Harish M. from UK, Dec 29, 2012

Happy xmas to you.

Take care.

Darius T. from USA

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Thank you so much for the kind greeting.

Merry Christmas.


Mr. Jianghe H. from China, Dec 26, 2012







Mr. Tenyuefrom G. from China   Dec 26, 2012



Mr. Jin He from China, Dec 26, 2012





Ann L. from USA, Dec 26, 2012

Re: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Good morning Sherley, Merry Christmas to you as well! I was unable to view your email though, can you please resend it. Thank you and have a good

Leigh Ann

Frank M. from USA, Dec 26, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Thank you very much!!! Come to Chicago

Come to Chicago

Gian G. from France, Dec 26, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hello ZHANG,

Thanks much for your message

how are you?

I wish you to happy new year
take care

soon ;)

Mr. Chris H. from USA, Dec 27, 2012

Hi Shirley

Thanks Merry Christmas and happy new year too darling..

Chris Hitches.......

Dr.Attia M. from Kuwait – Dec 27, 2012

Dear lovable Shirly ,

Happy new year,   miss u 2much, thanks for your message , waiting your last nice sweetie pictures with this new year .

best kiss from me.

Dr. M.

Mr. Alic E. from Canada Dec 28, 2012

Hello Dr. ZHANG,

Thank you for your beautiful Christmas card.

I wish you good health and all the happiness in 2013.

I enjoyed reading all your messages and looking at all your beautiful paintings throughout the year 2012. I hope to see more of them in 2013 too. Best wishes!!


Mr. Bingchao C. from China Dec, 28, 2012



Mr. Fuying from China Dec 28, 2012


Mr. harish M. from UK, Dec 29, 2012

Happy xmas to you too.   takce care

From Mrs. Beatrice D.from USA Dec, 26, 2012

Dear Shirly:

Happy New Year and Blessings to you these x.mas holidays.

Thanks much for the greeting you sent me and my family; its a beautiful music and your subjects of your paintings are just beautiful! You are indeed a talent in yoru field of art work! May we know if you are selling some of your paintings? If so, do you want a connection here to sell the products. Many persons will indeed love to purchase your art work if you are n the business of selling the "beauties".

I hope we can meet you personally, then. Do   you   have plans to visit the USA, sometimes?   

Anyway,. Shirley, more success to you in all your works and hopes for the future.

A friend who respects you.   

Beatrice (Donofrio)

Mr. Darius T. from USA Dec, 26, 2012

Thank you so much for the kind greeting.
Merry Christmas.

Mr. Larry C. From USA, Dec 26, 2012

Nihao Shirley!      

Thank you for the lovely card!   

I wish you Merry Christmas and
Xin Nian Quai Le!   Happy New Year 2013!

God Bless!

Your friend,

Larry Chapman

Mr.Ove K. from Danmark Dec, 26, 2012

Merry Christmas to you my wonderful friend, hope Santa come with a sack full of love fom me to you. Big hug i will give you. Sending the hug from Thailand where i be right now.

Hugs from Ove

Mr. Charlie C. from USA Dec 26, 2012

How wonderful! Love you paintings and cherry tree blossoms. Lovely and your religions are so mind expanding. Love to all, you and your loved ones sweet lady!


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or leave your message on Message Board.

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Feb 5, 2013(Beijing Time)