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Some Friendly Responding of Friends Oct, 2010
Along with my responding work, the number of my letters has been changed to be more than 1800 from over 1900. I was so happy to read the wonderful letters and I have learned so much from them -- helpful thoughts, new knowledge, interesting ideas and revelatory opinions.

Just for I am lucky enough to have so many good friends, fans and more than 3900 registered readers, I have been feeling so much good help and support from their sincere friendship, I can keep in an optimistic heart and a life attitude to work on the little web site for more than 5 years.

Now, I would really like to share some of the wonderful feedback in October, 2010 and hope to bring you some ideas, thoughts and inspirations.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to: or   publish your words on theMessage Board . :-)   

--Shirley Zhang

Nov 7, 2010


A Good Responding from Mr. Serge F. from France Oct 31, 2010 (Extract)

Dear shirley,

You seem interested in a lot of spiritualism!

Language is a necessary tool of learning the other cultures but i think it is not the only one.


A Good Responding from Mr. Jean P. from France Oct 31, 2010 (Extract)


How are you?   I hope that you will be better you have so many beautiful things to keep courage!

I hope that you would give good news on your health!   continue to paint since this let's forget our worries!      

best regards,


A Good Responding from Mr. Brian F. from USA Oct 28, 2010 (Extract)


It is so good to hear from you.   I hope that you recover completely and that your health is wonderful.   I pray for you and your health every day.   I hope that you have the best doctors.   

I hope to see you the next time that you visit the United States.   

Please take care of yourself.   

Always yours,


A Good Responding from Prof. Carol Aronis from USA Oct 27, 2010 (Extract)


I am so thankful to God that you are recovering.      

I love teaching Ethics, World Religions, and Philosophy.

You have been my inspiration to learn more about painting.   Your courage inspires me, as I plan to keep going.

You are correct, we need to take care of all kinds of problems when they are small, like you are doing with surgeries.

Have a wonderful week.

Take Care,

Prof. Carol Aronis

A Good Responding from Mr. John D. L from USA Oct 27, 2010 (Extract)

Great question- Shortly after Jesus died, there was not and organized Christian church.   The Catholic church formed years after Jesus died and was the 1st Christian church after Jesus.   This is the 1st branch.   Many people did not agree with how the Catholic church administered the teachings of Jesus Christ so they left the Church to form their own churches.   These people are called protestants.   This is the 2nd branch.   Mormons believe that God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith in 1820 and told him that none of these Churches (branches) were correct and that they would guide him in restoring the true church to the earth.   The same Church that Jesus established when he was on the earth.   This is the 3rd branch.   

I hope this helps, let me know if it is unclear.

You can watch BYUTV on the internet at   I think you will love the art and music shows.   Especially   the program called “music and the spoken word”.

A Good Responding from Prof. Zongli L. from China Oct 26, 2010 (Extract)







Dear Sister Zhang,

A piece of good news for you, a paper of mine has gotten the Second Prize in the theory proseminar of the Provincial Party School in 2010. I am writing another paper for the annual conference of social science right now.

Totally, I agree with your idea of the health management: if anyone did not take time to care for his/her health, he or she would have to take more time to work on it some day. This is just "Wang Yang Bu Lao -- Mending the fence after the sheep have been stolen". I am sure that your health will certainly to support you to complete your dream after treatment and adjustment for a while.

I will pray for your health and be happy every day!

Zongli Li   )

A Good Responding from Dr./Prof. David M. from USA Oct 26, 2010 (Extract)

Haste does make waste!

I'm pleased that you are on the road to addressing your health problems so you can put them behind you and enjoy your other passions.      

Take good care of yourself!

Dr. M

A Good Responding from Mr. John S. from Ireland Oct 26, 2010 (Extract)

Hello Shirlay,

Well i read your message, and i am touched by your complete honesty and cos you are so humble.

Shirley....if you were a would be a are so pure and grateful with all that happens in your life.

God has a place in Heaven for you.....make Him your best friend...He is mine.

Anyway...i guess thats why they say..youth is wasted on the young...they dont realize what they have till it is gone..

I know when i was young ..i had endless i have to taks naps..ha..Ha has a way of slowing us down..and taking stock of what really matters.

Greed   is the World main problem...and the funny thing about it all...when all the Greedy people die....they leave this Earth the same way they came into it...with nothing...

We can all share Shirley....everyone has some-thing to offer...everyone is your superior in some way. Makes us all unique..

I will say lots of prayers for you...there is so much you have to offer...God will heal you and give you a long deserve it.

yeah..Haste is Waste....its a great saying...Chinese have a lot of wonderful quotes...i really love them.

We are all only here on a visit...your's is to leave a great legacy...and you are doing a great job.

I find it very heartening..the way you speak about the doctors who are treating dedicated...and want the best for you.

I read about you ignoring your cold and it went to bigger sickness.....We are all guilty of that one to some extent
We think we can go on forever....well we can't

Shirley.....we need to listen to our bodies fuction's without any help from us.

We consciously go about our everyday life..and our heart beats, lungs breathe, food all happens without conscious effort.

So...the human God's greates masterpiece..... still a mystery to doctors and scientists.

Shirley...i send you lots of love and happinness

God Bless You Always


A Good Responding from Anna B. from USA Oct 25, 2010(Extract)


You are so blessed indeed to have found such a wonderful hospital to care for you.

I truly pray for your healing and return to health ? so you can enjoy the painting, art, music, and your many friends around the world.

Do let me know how you are doing.   I look forward to hearing you are now greatly improved and no longer need to be in hospital.

Prayers and best wishes for you.

A Good Responding from Lee F.from USA Oct 25, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I hope you are feeling better now. It sounds like there is hope for a full recovery and a long life, which is the best news!

I am sorry for your challenges, and do hope that all of this will be just a bad memory someday soon.

Your friend,

A Good Responding from Mr.Bernard L.from France Oct 25, 2010(Extract)

Love is like magic
And it always will be.
For love still remains
Life's sweet mystery!
Love works in ways
That are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life
That love cannot change!
Love can transform
The most commonplace
Into beauty and splendor
And sweetness and grace.
Love is unselfish,
Understanding and kind,
For it sees with it's heart
And not with it's mind!
Love is the answer
That everyone seeks....
Love is the language,
That every heart speaks.
Love can't be bought,
It is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic,
Is life's sweet mystery!      

I know that you are a brave person and I know what I feel for you it is a feeling of friendship, love and tenderness believe in my sincerity I would always be there in moments of the difficulties of the life.

Your friend who thinks of you

A Good Responding & An Interesting Experience of Mr. William G. from USA Oct 25, 2010(Extract)

Dearest Shirley,

I find your words ringing truer for me than maybe normally - I have had a stomach infection for about a week that began two weeks ago. As soon as I began to feel better i started right in again with my old routine..................and the SECOND time it 'hit' me, it was much more long-lasting.

I had to stop and take internal stock of what my lifestyle was doing to me - mainly pushing myself with stresses and not drinking enough water so, my body was MAKING me SLOW DOWN and reassess my priorities.

It has been quite painful and necessary to put myself back in touch with my physical self rather than simply using the body as a 'vehicle' to accomplish what I 'Think' I should be doing! The Mind should not be CEO!!!! It is the Heart that must GUIDE both the Body AND the Mind in Harmonious Tandem!

As I have written to you in times past, I must sometimes take my OWN advice:)!!!

I am glad that you are clearing out the dis-ease so that you Healing can be towards Wholeness. For that is what we truly all Seek...........

Balance and Harmony. Do you agree;)?

Be Well, dearest Shirley....


A Good Responding from Dr./Prof. Steve O. from USA Oct 25, 2010


I agree with your thoughts about "haste makes waste."

This is true for individuals and for any organization, because the basis of any decision is a persons thinking, for themselves and for an organization.   Quick decisions are often motivated by emotion without the full consideration of important information that would alter the decision.   

I am glad to hear that you have a good plan for regaining fully on all of your health issues.

Pray for God's healing touch on you.   He loves you more than you can imagine.

Have a blessed day.


A Good Responding from Mr. Ronald F.from Philippines Oct 25, 2010

Hi Shirley,

I hope on you for a good condition for the recent surgery that they has done to you. You are correct for your comment that if we early going to solve or going to pay more attention to a little problem or sickness,we can not encounter a big problem on future.But,in so many cercumstances ,we cannot easily to find,cure this because sometimes no pain and wasn't to feel it.However,we can avoid it if we on a yearly executive (general) check-up for ourselves.A good diet on food we eat;go on regular exercises; and take vitamins deficiency that cannot found on food that we intake.You agree for what i comment Shirley?

I hope and I believe in GOD that you,my good friend that GOD give you more life and you continuing a good planned you started for the people you adored and love (China).                  

Take care always.


Ronald Facun

A Good Responding from Mr. John C. from China Oct 23, 2010

Dear Shirley,

This is a quickie to say 'How are you?' Hope your health is getting better. I have your last mail dated Oct. 4, and I was so glad to read it.

To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life. -- William Londen

Take care and God is always with you.


Best regards,


A Good Responding from Mr. Joe J. from USA Oct 22, 2010 (Extract)

I hope your health situation is improving and that you will continue to fight your way back to a happy, healthy, productive life that I know you are capable of.

Warmest Regards,

Joe Jenkins

A Good Responding from Mr. Donald C. from USA Oct 19, 2010

Dear Lady,

I worry about your health and well being.

I am glad that you do have a good relationship with the doctors and nurses. I am not a religious person, but if the bible gives you strength and peace of mind, then I am glad for you. As for CNN and other programs take them with a grain of salt. Believe not all you hear or see, but you have a good mind to clear out the fuzz. Have strength and heal. We on this side of a shrinking world wish you the best. Write when feeling up to the task. Paint to relieve the pain and sing for the joy of life.

Wishing you well   

Your humble servant

Don C

A Good Responding from Lee F. from USA Oct 19, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I am so sad to hear about your health challenges. I pray for a complete and permanent recovery for you soon. You are such a talented and amazing person. I have often felt that people like you should be allowed an extension on life from God for all of the brilliance and joy you bring to the world and it's people. But that is just a silly dream of mine to even think about.

The only power I have is to pray for your recovery soon.

Not a lot new here, except I have determined to use my remaining time to try to maximize my exposure and career.

Take care and stay in touch!


A Good Responding from Suprapto S. from Indonesia Oct 19, 2010

Oh my Lord, help Shirley, help Shirley. So that she will not sick again. Keep her in healthy and wealthy conditions. Yes Shirley, I hope you always in best conditions.   

A Good Responding from Dr./Prof. Steve O. from USA Oct 18, 2010 (Extract)


You have an amazingly busy life going to hospitals and treating your health needs.   I like your positive attitude.   You seem to always be looking for good and recognizing it.   That is very good.   I pray that God will touch your body with healing, and that you will get good health treatment so you can fully recover.   I know you want to focus on your creative work.   I am happy to hear you refer to reading your Bible.   Please do that in the chapters that I mentioned, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Have   a great week.


A Good Responding from Gary J. from USA Oct 18, 2010

Hi Shirley,

I hope everything goes well for you and that you get well soon.   It sounds like you are doing good and that you have excellent doctors.

Wish you a speedy recovery and a quick return home.


A Good Responding from Wlliam G. from USA Oct 18, 2010(Extract)

Miss Shirley,

It truly is that you are being 'Guided' to the right place and people to get Healing! How wonderful!!!

One of the greatest Healings we can do within ourselves is to 'Shower' our bodies with feelings of Gratitude!   A Japanese Scientist found that my simply exposing a small lake to Buddhist Monks in prayer, he was able to alter the crystallization of the water molecules. With many years of research he has found that water is very susceptible to thought and that high thoughts such as Love and Thankfulness have a very profound effect. As our bodies are over 70% water, it would seem that to send high vibration thoughts of Love and Gratitude to our cells would effect a rapid increase in Healing.

be well and Heal:)


A Good Responding from Prof. Pace from USA Oct 18, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley,

I am pleased that your surgery has gone well -- you are a very strong person to undergo such stress without painkillers.   Most people would surrender to the
pain and take the medicine.   As you said, sometimes the effect of the painkiller is worse than the pain, so I admire your strength.   I pray you will recover from your issues and continue to be the example of strength for many persons in both China and America.

It is Autumn in America, the time when the leaves change and fall from the trees, and cold weather is soon to come.

I have two Maple trees in my back yard, one silver and one red when the leaves change.   They are just moving
from green to the other colors, and will not lose their leaves until sometime in November.   We should enjoy good weather (warm days and cool nights) until late November.   

As you experienced, we have all four seasons here in the Springfield area, but most of us are not happy with cold weather.

It is always interesting to hear from you.   My best to you.

Glenn Pace

A Good Responding from Mr.Santy. from Canada Oct 17, 2010





A Good Responding from Mr. Ralph C. from USA Oct 17, 2010

Dear Shirley,

For years I have read your warm words and enjoyed your soothing art. I was grateful to be on your mailing list but made no comment.. Now I will.

You are a bridge between Chinese and American culture and a blessing to the world. As you face a health challenge I pray silently but ferverently for your complete recovery. I pray for your good health and for a world that needs the gentlness and beauty that you have given freely to whomever would open your friendly greetings. I pray that Shirley's friendly greetings continue for decades to come. Be well!

Ralph Carbone

A Good Responding from Mr. Joe F. from USA Oct 17, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

It is very encouraging to read your letter from hospital, your courage and your high spirit in God.

My prayer to you : ' May the hands of our Al-mighty God surround you with love, comfort and healing upong you, so you may regain health, power & have a wonderful life.'

Joe Fong

Springfield Missouri

A Good Responding from Ms. Yaqin P. from China Oct 17, 2010(Extract)



Hello, Ms. Zhang,

I care for your health very much. I really hope that you   get recovery as soon as possible.

Yaqing Pan

A Good Responding from Dr./Prof. Wenping Q. & Mrs. Lisa Q. from USA Oct 16, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I am not sure if you will receive this email, but just like to let you know that we pray for you.   

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16.

神爱世人, 甚至将他的独生子赐给他们, 叫一切信他的, 不至灭亡,反得永生。

Lisa and I just love you,

Wenping and Lisa

A Good Responding from Mr. Brian from USA Oct 17, 2010(Extract)

I will pray for your health.   I wish that I could be there to visit you in the hospital.   

God Bless You.   


A Good Responding from Prof. Carol A. from USA Oct 13, 2010

I am sorry you almost lost the three paintings, especially.   I am glad you are getting well.   I am God protected you.

I loved the new paintings, also.   I really like the landscapes.   

Take Care,

Professor Carol

A Good Responding from Mr. William G. from USA Oct 12, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

I am glad that you are in capable hands to gain back your health and strength!

Yes, there ARE, unfortunately, many tricks out there.I guess it comes with the increase in technology. How to protect yourself? Do as you did - investigate! Along with the technology to deceive comes the ability to detect. It is very common through emails where people are asked to help bring money out of a country when, in fact, the people will only use personal information to take money away a person's Banking information.   These are called 'Phishing Scams' and what they try to do is called 'Identity Theft' here in the States.

I am glad that you were not 'taken' by the Trick!!!!

I am still amazed at the amount of things you do in short periods of time!!!:) Amazing!

Anyway, please keep taking care of your self and let me know what you find out about your bones.

Be Well,

A Good Responding from Mr. John David L. from USA Oct 12, 2010(Extract)

Isaiah is the most difficult book in the Bible to understand.   One way to understand Isaiah is   to read a few pages in the Book of Mormon first and then read Isaiah.   Reading the Book of Mormon for a few minutes will prepare your mind to read Isaiah.   Try that and tell me how it goes.

A Good Responding from Ms. Anna B. from USA Oct 12, 2010(Extract)


I certainly hope you are able to get your health issues resolved.   Although the painting is tiring physically, I know it is very comforting and relaxing mentally, which is SO important and a great contributor to you being able to regain your health.   It is important for each person to have a personal “escape” mechanism in place, and your painting and music are definitely yours!

I am glad you are able to get the English channels in China ? that will help you tremendously in being able to stay fluent with your English skills, but will allow you to improve, also.   I admire you and your determination to never stop learning!   You are such an inspiration to me!!!!

I pray you have a wonderful week and may God continue to look after you and protect you in all things. :-)


A Good Responding from Mr. Karim B. from France Oct 12, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I wish that you will recover very quickly.

I really like Chinese art, and especially landscapes.

I think that you have a very sensitive way of painting.

We have to recover many problems in our lives, this is our destiny.

I have a french lithography produced by Honoré Daumier, I bought it in Paris at Adler (Drouot Richelieu). The name of this lithography is 'Physionomie de l'assemblée'

I want you to send me some of your painting, and I will try to make you a name in the french art society.

Kind Regards,

A Good Responding from Mr. Don C. from USA Oct 12, 2010(Extract)

Dear Lady,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you. I am deeply distressed that you will not be able to attend the Academy in Beijing. I know you had your heart and dreams set on doing so. Hopefully after treatment for your health problems, then perhaps you will make that journey.

I have great faith in Chinese doctors as at this time my two doctors are Chinese. One is from Taiwan and the other I believe New York State.

I am familiar with the english CCTV station. One of the local TV station carries the program. I subscribe to a different station and have four Chinese channels.

My best prayers and true thoughts are for you and a fast recovery.

Your humble servant   


A Good Responding from Mrs Wanda R. from USA Oct 12, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Hello!   It is always good to hear from you.   I am praying for you for complete healing.   Please read Isaiah 53, the chapter on healing.   It is such beautiful writing and is true.   

Have a great week and keep making beautiful paintings.

Love and prayers,

A Good Responding from Dr./Prof. Stevan O. from USA Oct 11, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Your art is beautiful. I am glad that you were able to avoid the fraud that would steal your work and money.   God was helping you.

I hope you get some good diagnosis for your bone problem and can be treated to eliminate the problem.   God loves you, Shirley, and wants to help you.

Regarding the television, can you get Fox News Channel?   The is the most popular news station in America.   Also, TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) would be a good station for you to listen to.

I am praying for your health and success, and that you will seek to know God as your savior.   He will place the ultimate purpose in your life.   This will be a peace and joy beyond your understanding.

Have a blessed day.

Dr. Stevan Olson

A Good Responding from Mr. John. D.L. from USA Oct 11, 2010(Extract)

That is great that you get English channels of TV-   Do you get the BYUTV channel?

A Good Responding from Mr. Noman T. from Australia Oct 8, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley dear,

I'm glad you have finished your treatment that is good news.

I love the picture of the phoenix, that is so beautiful and so are you dear..Did you paint the first piture here? it's fantastic.

Bye for now, Norm

A Good Responding from Mr. Karim B. from France Oct 5, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,
I like your landscape painting, Asian art is wonderful!


A Good Responding and Interesting Experience of Ms. Anna B. L. from USA Oct 5, 2010(Extract)

Hi Dear Shirley!

How incredibly strong you are in the midst of such a trying and difficult time in your life.   You are not merely holding to the rock…you ARE the rock!   You inspire me beyond belief.   To think of you enduring such pain, even while in America and studying to obtain your MBA degree, and now to experience so many unknowns, waiting for test results, to confer with yet another doctor or specialist… I truly admire you.   

Wow!   To be paid 3 times the regular salary if you work during the National Holiday!   The most any American would be paid is   time and a half, with a few occasionally being paid double time...

My weekend was spent sleeping in a sleeping bag in a tent, camping with my 2 youngest sons (Chance and Cody) ? who are in the Boy Scouts of America.   The Boy Scouts had a big campout and there were troops from all over southwest Missouri present.   It was cold, but a very enjoyable time.

I pray you will have a happy, peaceful, enjoyable, and healthy fall season.


A Good Responding from Dr./Prof. Steve O. from USA Oct 5, 2010(Extract)


Your art on this email is beautiful.   It is very peaceful and serene.   I am happy for your great talent and the happiness it gives you and many others.


A Good Responding from Stan from USA Oct 4, 2010(Extract)

Ni Hao Shirley,

Thanks for the message and I hope that you are enjoying your National Holiday!!!

Hugs and Smiles,

A Good Responding from Suprapto S. from Indonesia Oct 4, 2010(Extract)

Hi too my dear,

In Indonesia the first Oct is a special day too. We remember a powerfullness of our state foundation : Panca Sila (5 principles). And at 5th Oct. we celebrate the Day of Army.. Soldiers and Policemen crouded at fields and streets. But many cases of terrorrism accured at a week later in my land.

I hope your pray for peace and welfare.

A Good Responding from Prof. Glenn P. from USA Oct 4, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley,   

It is always good to hear from you and learn the new things in your life.   I admire your outlook on the twists and turns your health has taken you. The positive nature of your spirit is an influencer for me to see the good things in life, and remain hopeful for prosperity for all my friends.

Hope your day is going well.

Prof. Glenn Pace

A Good Responding from Lloyd from Switzerland Oct 3, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Hoping you are well. Thanks for your letter and as usual the sceneries. I noticed you spent the Chinese national day at home relaxing and doing some painting.

I think you did the right thing by staying home because as you said that you had been
through some hard times at the hospital and of course it is nice to be home..

I watched reportion of the National day on tv here and I enjoyed it.

Well, take care   until next time,
As always,


A Good Responding from John D from Canada Oct 3, 2010(Extract)


May you enjoy the Mid-Autumn and October National holidays as you wish - in solitude or with friends.

May I also send you this poem, by 曹操.


曹操 (Cao Cao)


Best regards,

A Good Responding from Mr. Dennis from France Oct 3, 2010(Extract)

Hi, Shirley !

I really appreciate the way you live, the way you create your life !....

I am myself in a mood for love, in 'a peaceful, grateful and serene heart.

I love to receive your paintings and writings, I love to look at them and read them. It makes me feel much happier and serenity flow in my soul ... I defenitly would love to meet you .

With french love,