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Some Friendly Responding of Friends September, 2010
Can you imagine what a lucky person I am?

Just in one of my inboxes, there are usually keeping about 1900 letters from my readers, fans and so many kind friends, even though I deleted the letters as soon as I have responded, I have been around of the friendship, sincere, cared for and so much help and support.

With so much appreciation, I cherish every letter and every friend. Therefore, I never delete any letter before I have responded it except meeting the suddenly accident of the computer system. I would really like to keep the great friendship, inspiration, help and support in my heart, I would also like to respond every letter as soon as I can.

With two weekends, I have ordered, kept and responded the letters that I have gotten in September, 2010. Right now, I would like to share some of them with you and hope you to enjoy something meaningful, beautiful and thankful inside. I really hope they will bring you some inspirations, thoughts and smiles.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to: or   publish your words on theMessage Board . :-)   

--Shirley Zhang

Oct 24 2010


A Good Responding from Dr. David M. from USA Sep 29, 2010(Extract)

Hope you recover quickly like the Phoenix once the treatments start.

Take care.

Dr M

A Good Responding from Mr. Peisong C. from China Sep 29, 2010






Hello, Sister Zhang,

Knowing that you had experienced a hard time, so that you have had some new inspirations, so do I; meanwhile, I do think that your art dream is developed and extended continuously and it makes me quite admire and appreciate. In case we have a dream, life will be totally difficult; it will not be limited by condition and ago. I have seen it by your adventure.   

Therefore, I will certainly support you in the pursuit of your art road and I do wish you to make more achievement.

Wish you to have a Happy National Holiday, take good care of yourself.

Peisong Cheng

A Good Responding from Mr. Jeff Z. from China Sep 28, 2010

Good news Shirley, I am very glad to hear the results of health check. Wish you have a happy and healthy national day.


A Good Praying from Mr. Suprapto S. from USA September 28, 2010 (Extract)

Oh my Lord ! You are The Almighty, The Beneficent and The Merciful! Shirley's painting has waked and made me excited and proudly and feeling spirit and hope of life. Give to Shirley wealthy, healthy and wise. Long her age and give her Your path way.

Good Luck Shirley.

Thanks you.

A Good Responding from Mr. William G. from USA Sep 27, 2010 (Extract)


Your Phoenix painting is breath-taking! Thank you for sharing.

I am not sure if you are aware of this but there are some radical 'shifts' in Energy happening on our planet right now. Our human consciousness is being given a 'Phoenix Experience' on a planet-wide scale. As humans we have also been given the opportunity to 'ride the Transformational Wave OR not - we have Free Choice here - to become more than we ever thought we could be as humans that are more than Human.......................or to stay where we are within the Realms of limitation and fear that we have lived within for so long.

Be well, heal and thank you again for being a part of my Life!:)


A Good Responding from Mr. Jean M. from France Sep 27, 2010

Hello my dear and sweet Shirley.

I am glad that you finally took your beautiful smile.

Your painting on the Phoenix and very beautiful, I assure you that I love very much. and I am glad that you have written the legend of the Phoenix.

I hope now that you have understood the warning your body and of your soul, and that you will go take some rest, my dear friend.

As I told you, you're too young to want quit we, you have always of fine job at make in painting, music and songs, my Shirley.

I hope to one day have the pleasure to hear you sing one of your songs, but only for me, my friend.

You who are very spiritual, you should have more confidence in our God, my Shirley.

I kiss you tenderly and with very much of affection.

Your sincere friend,

Your Jean-Marie.

A Good Responding from Dr. Donoher, W. from USA Sep 27, 2010


Glad everything turned out positive.   

Take care.

A Good Responding from Mr. Stan from USA Sep 27, 2010

Ni Hao Shirley,

Thank you for sharing the paintings and the music with me -YES, they were wonderful, but the Best was to know that your Health is moving in the Best direction and that you do NOT have cancer!!!   I am very Happy for you and Please keep the Positive outlook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are a very talented young lady!!

Hope you are enjoying the Chinese holidays and can relax and get plenty of rest!!!

Smiles and hugs,,


A Good Comment from Mr. Ali K. from USA September 26, 2010

hi Shirley

How are you my Friend . Hopefully you are well and fine . i always think about you and talk about how you pleasing others and giving all the best of you while you are having health hardships.

You amaze me.

A Good Comments from Mr. Zhidong Y. from China Sep 26, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley:

I went to Chongqing last week to attend the 18th national annual conference of medical image technologists and back on September 21st. I had a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival with my family the next day.

I visited your website and read some greetings you wrote, I am really admire your endeavors and persistent especially you have some troubles in your health. You are so kindness and indebted that thank all doctors in our hospital, actually we do what we should do, it is our job. As language reason, I cannot express my feelings, I wish you have good heath and dreams come true.

Thank you.

Zhidong Yuan

A Good Responding from Mr. Fred R. from USA Sep 25, 2010(Extract)

Hello! My dear,

One is never to old to gain knowledge. No matter how long we live or how many schools we may attend, we can never know enough. The gaining of knowledge is like drinking from a spring of fresh clear and cool water. We feel as though we can ever get enough.

Have good and wonderful day, my friend. God bless you and be with you always.


Some Good Question from Dr. Steve O. from USA Sep 25, 2010 (Extract)      


Thank you for the information about the holidays.   Do Chinese people like the moon cakes?

What happens during the National Holiday?   What do people do…vacation?

What is the special cultural characteristics of Hangchou?   


A Good Comment from Mr. Ronald F. from Philippines Sep 24, 2010      

Hi, My Dear,

Give my regards to my beloved friend. You are going to be a great hero in CHINA'S History!            
Best wishes always with you.
TAKE CARE ALWAYS...            


A Good Comment from Mr. Gary J. from USA Sep 24, 2010


I am happy to hear that you are feeling better.   The history about the Mid-Autumn Festival is interested, but I want to correct one statement that you made about holidays for the Chinese people.   Unfortunately, I know many Chinese people who have to work or else only get one day off work.

China is very similar to America,   the rich get many things and the poor people do without.   It is important that we remember the people who sacrifice their lives so that the wealthy can live better.   Therefore, it is critical that we acknowledge all the poor and desperate people who work everyday for very little.

China and American have a long way to go before there will be justice and equity for all.   The Cultural Revolution attempted to change many of these injustices the same as the American Revolution, but both of them did not succeed in providing justice, liberty, and equity of all people.

Have a happy holiday.


A Good Responding from Mr. Lloyd M. from Switzerland Sep 24, 2010

Dear Shirley,

I am glad that after what you have been through you are now getting well and you are feeling ok.

How did you celebrate the moon festivals, good I think ?

Well, take care and have a nice weekend,

An Interesting Information from Dr. Darragh M. E.from Canada Sep 24, 2010(Extract)

Hi, Shirley,

It is interesting how quickly the season changes. We are now into fall, the days are much shorter, and the temperature is cooling off. The sun sets now at 7 pm and by the time we change off of day light saving time to standard time, we loose an hour. So, by December it will be dark out at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The geese are flocking up and are beginning to fly south each day. Soon the hunting season will start and then people will be shooting them. I do not permit shooting on my island as I would much rather see these birds swimming by than killing them. However, the Canada geese are becoming a problem as there are now just too many of them, so it is best that some of them are eradicated to reduce the population a bit.

Same thing with the deer. There are so many of these now that you have to be very careful when driving, especially in the evening and in the morning just before sunrise. Many people hit these animals and their cars are severely damaged and they are also injured. Some people are killed as a result too.

So hunting season will reduce the deer population a little, but what the deer do, is eat the farmer's crops and this causes a lot of damage. In this area many people hunt for their winter meat. They go out in groups and can end up with having shot a deer, elk, moose, caribou and so on. They then share this meat between them so all have a nice variety of meat to eat over the coming winter.

All my best,


A Good Responding from Mr. William G. from USA Sep 23, 2010

HAPPY MOON FESTIVAL, Miss Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my Path, I celebrate the Autumnal Equinox that is also known at the Second Harvest. At this time, The Goddess (the Earth) becomes ready for the Slumber of Winter to come and the God(the Sun) begins to return to the West signaling the lengthening of the night and shortening of the days (in the Northern Hemisphere). It is called Mabon in the Gaelic language. This is called a Sabat.   I also Celebrate the Full Moon which is tomorrow- called an Esbat.
Do you happen to have a recipe for the Moon Cakes?

Thank you for the wonderful History!!!!!!!!!!

Be Well,

Dearest Shirley...............William

A Good Encouragement from Ms. Zbird from China Sep 23, 2010


(Translation: What an enviable Chinese woman you are !)

A Good Responding from Mr. Brian from the Artfest that I had Been in USA September 23, 2010(Extract)

It is wonderful to hear from you again. You are a wonderful person and a beautiful woman.   I hope that everything is ok with you.   I hope to see you again.


A Good Responding from Mr. Norman T. from Australia Sep 23, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley dear,

I hope your feeling better now my dear. Yes that was a beautiful painting you did, as are all your paintings. They are all beautiful like you are, and I mean that Shirley dear.

Bye for now

A Good Responding from Dr. Dennis H. from USA Sep 22, 2010(Extract)

hello Shirley,

I hope you are doing better and better each day. I pray for you often. whether that helps you or not I cant be 100% sure, but I like to think it does help you. :)

Please rest and get well.


A Good Wish from Mrs. Ping W. from China Sep 22, 2010



A Good Responding from Mr. William Wei from China Sep 21, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley,

I am very glad by hearing you got a positive check result   and fast recovery. Wish you a happy Moon Cake Festival !


A Good Responding from Mr. Don C. from USA Sep 21, 2010(Extract)

Dear Miss Shirley,

I was extremely glad to here that you are receiving the best of treatment and that friends near and far on this planet have visited or sent their wishes of a fast recovery. The Company you work for has shown great respect and realizes your worth by allowing a long period of recovery. The thoughts and prayers of all your friends are with you. We wish to see you up and well the soonest.   

Your humble servant

Don C

A Good Wish from Mrs. Xiao Huang from China Sep 21, 2010


(Translation: Wish you recover as soon as possible and have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! )

A Good Encouragement from Mr. Frederick R. from USA Sep 21, 2010(Extract)

My dearest Shirley,

Happy am I to receive such good news. To know that you are cancer free is one big blessing although you continue to have medical problems.

I have gone 77 years and soon to be 78. My life has passed through many phases and by the Grace and Love of God I am still here. I know that my God has walked with me, talked with me and protected me. Everyday is one filled with many problems but I have learned to be thankful for each day, no matter how difficult it may be. Life has never been easy and never shall. We are here one day and gone the next. Gone that day and nothing follows. I am thankful and grateful, no matter what the day has for me. I deal with it and continue on with thanksgiving for the struggle. Nothing was promised at birth, telling us that we would have an easy life. We are born, we live and we die. What we do within that span is all up to us.

If we are strong, as you are, we take what happens and use it to better ourselves and hopefully the lives of others. My years as a youth and growing into manhood has mostly been within the medical field. I have risked my life on many times to save the life of another. Scared, yes, scared out of my wits. Still, people were dependent on me and having pride in myself, I did not let fear overwhelm me to where I would not do my job. My reward are those that survived and made it back to be treated within a hospital. Those that died took a part of me every time I was unable to help. My fears were not for my life so much because worse things could have happened. I could have maimed and lived or I could have been captured. Those two were my worse fears. Most times, death was immediate. Here one moment and gone the next. Not feeling any pain, just gone. Being maimed was a long term ordeal and being captured was out of the question. You cannot imagine what is done to those captured. Rather death!

Sorry to go into all that, I just got the feeling that I had to express what I feel about what you may have been going through and continue to go through. It is true in many respects that only the the strong survives but many times includes the weak. Mostly, it is not up to us as individuals or patients whether we shall survive or not but the will and determination counts for much.

It is fitting that you should honor those whom have cared for you. A gesture that many time is not given in appreciation for the care and concern given one, while they are unable to care for themselves. As always, I applaud you for your strength and courage. You are always thoughtful and appreciative for what one does for you. You shall live a long and productive life for you serve the people. Continue to get stronger and continue your work. I love you for it.

Your friend, far away,


A Good Responding from Mr. Joe F. from USA Sep 21, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

I am very encouraging to read your up-date news. I am up-lifted by you recovery and your high spirit.

Keep it up and you will be a blessing to many.

Joe Fong   

A Good Wish from Mr. Suprapto S. Sep 21, 2010

Hello Shirley


A Good Direction from My Chinese Painting Prof. Hui Tao. Sep 21, 2010



(Translation: This painting of the crane is very good. The main problem on it is that the structure should not be on the right too much.)

A Good Responding from Dr. Rong L. from China Sep 21, 2010( Extract)




(Translation: Shirley,

I have been wishing to come to see you, while to know your health situation. Now I am relieved to see that you are in the high spirit and seem like you have recovered well in the photo. You should pay more attention to your rest and take good are of yourself.

Have a happy Festival! )

A Good Wish from Dr. David M. from USA September 20, 2010


I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and at peace with your situation.   

I'm confident that the Drs will appreciate your gifts.

Dr. M

A Good Wish from Mr. William G. from USA Sep 20, 2010

Dearest Shirley,

I am SO GLAD to hear that you can now concentrate on healing! Your Gratitude is also an inspiration!:) As always, I see your paintings with deep admiration of your talents as well. All I ask, as I have before;) is that as you get to feel better and better, you remember that you said it was as if you 'have a new life' and that you treat yourself with more Peace, more Relaxation and more Harmony that you did in your 'previous life':)


A Good Responding from Mr. Greg S. from USA Sep 20, 2010

Hello Shirley:

It was so great to receive your E-mail this morning along with the good news about your health condition.   I know this must be a very big load lifted from your shoulders and to know that you have been given a good report by the doctors.


Zhu ni zhong qiu jie yu kuai !

Best Regards,


A Good Responding from Mr and Mrs. Hagemann from USA Sep 19, 2010

Dear Shirley,

We were so happy to get your latest message and learn that you are feeling better.   It was wonderful to hear that you got good results from your biopsy.   We hope your health continues to improve, and you feel better with each passing day.   Congratulations on being accepted into the art school.   It is wonderful that you get to fulfill your dream.

We are looking forward to fall here in Springfield.   It has been hot, but the leaves are beginning to change colors so fall can't be far away.

I have gone trout fishing the last two weeks.   I got to see an osprey (a bird similar to an eagle) diving into the water to get fish, and several heron wading in the water.

I finished a watercolor painting of a sunset this week.   It turned out pretty well.   I was glad to be able to mat and frame it and have it completed.

Wishing for your good health,

Les & Carol Hagemann

A Good Responding from Mr. Jestin T from USA Sep 18, 2010

very happy to hear you are cancer free and that you got accepted to the school you always wanted to be in. I will remember to keep praying for you.

A Good Responding from Dr. Dennis H. from USA Sep 15, 2010(Extract)

Good morning Shirley,

Congratulations!!! Your latest email had two wonderful bits of news.

祝僖, 祝僖, 祝僖!!!

I am so relieved and happy that your tests did not show cancer. i worried about you and now you must feel very relieved. Wonderful news!

Next, you wrote that you are about to begin a lifelong dream and study art at CAFA. Once more I am happy for you. you are already a very talented woman, but after learning even more at CAFA I think your art work and you will be even better.

Your energy and spirit are touching and I am delighted you can pursue your dreams.

Take care, enjoy life...


A Good Offering from Mr. William G. from USA Sep 15, 2010

Here is an exercise for you to do that may help you Heal better to: it comes from Japan

To the water in your body simply center in your Heart and say:

'Water of my body, I Thank you'

Water of my Body, I Respect you'

Water of my Body, I Love You'

You can substitute your won name for 'Water of my Body' - it is AMAZING what this will do!!!!!!!! The Doctor in Japan who started this found that when Buddhist Monks prayed near a small lake, the water molecules changed - he found this by freezing sample before and after. His research has been done over many years with amazing results. So simple and yet so Powerful!

Be Well, my dear friend Shirley,

A Touching and Thoughtful Responding from Fresh R. from USA Sep 14, 2010

My dearest Shirley,

Happy I am for the good news of your tumors being benign and not cancerous. As I told you, you have been in my prayers and they have been answered. Dreams , dreamed of and dreams fulfilled. I am happy that you may continue your life and pursuit of the dreams that you have held dear and put forth all the effort to fulfill. I thank God for all that has been done and that shall be done. Also, I think that your company is showing much gratitude for your services and wish to have you around to continue your works. It seems that all you do is not only for self fulfillment but also to help your country and others to have a successful life and growth within a growing society.

My dreams on the other hand are slow in their growth but growth never-the-less. I have signed up to get my Bachelor's degree, something that I have desired for a long time. I had gone so far as to get my Associates but never went back for completion for a Bachelor's degree. It shall be a long and fulfilling journey for me...

Now, my time is my own and I shall make it full and worthwhile. Being that I shall turn 78... Never thought that I would live this long, being that I have gone through two wars. Wounded twice but never to the extent that I would die. The last one brought me close to death, where receiving a head wound, I was in a coma for 28 days. Thank God for His gift of mercy, I am still here and in good health.

I do hope that you shall achieve all that you have dreamed of and as you go, I hope that you shall remember me. May God remain with you and bless you in all that you do. Your health shall be good and improve greatly.



A Good Encouragement from Dr. David M. from USA Sep 14, 2010


I was very pleased to learn that the surgery on your stomach has provided you with some relieve. Hold on to your dreams and have faith that the doctors will be able to improve your health.      

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Dr. Meinert

A Good Responding from Mrs. Harriert M. from USA Sep 14, 2010

dear Shirley,

your good news from the doctors made my day a very happy one and to learn thmade me even happier for you,   you will be at such a wonderful   art school learning   so much in a field you enjoy so greatly, made my day even happier for you.

take life easier for now and   get well quickly.

All good wishes to you from Springfield and Harriert to you.

As ever,


A Good Responding From Ms. Yaqin P. from China Sep 14, 2010(Extract)




潘雅琴   2010 9 14


Hi, Ms. Shirley,

If you were not in the patient clothes, I would not believe that you were in the sick bed of the hospital in the photo.   You are still energetic with a beautiful mien.

I would like to express my thousands and thousands of sentences in one word: Bless you get recovery as soon as possible! Waiting for your good news!

Yaqing Pan)

A Good Responding from Dr. Peter Z. from China September 14, 2010

Congratulations. You are surviving from the checks.

A Good Responding from Dr. Steven O. from USA Sep 14, 2010(Extract)


Praise God for such a good report on your health.   I am rejoicing with you.   I did pray for you that you would be healed.

Recover Quickly,

Your friend,

Dr. Olson

A Good Responding From Mr. William G. from USA Sep 14, 2010

Miss Shirley,

As we say here in the States when something turns out wonderfully.’ HOT DAMN!!!':))

I am DEEPLY Grateful that you are free from cancers! Now you can rest (literally) easier and get well faster. I am slo glad that they were able to remove the polyps so that you can now feed your body properly! We must realize that our bodies ARE 'machines' that need fuel   and rest to operate efficiently. Too many times we are so in our HEADS that we neglect what we need to do for the rest of 'us' in order to do what the 'Head' dictates:) Living in our Hearts is a way to help with the Balance. The Ancient Egyptians had it correctly when they saw the brain as a minor organ but the HEART as the main Center of the Soul and thus the Path to the Afterlife.

Older civilizations recognized this but modern day humans live too much in 'what they need to DO' rather than 'who they need to BE'!

So, my dearest Shirley, it is time for you to BE more rather than DO!:)

Wherever you go to vacation/recuperate, have a wonderful experience and make sure you BE there with yourself rather than just DOing like you have DONE so much in your Life up to now..........ok?


A Good Responding from Ms. Anna B. from USA Sep 14, 2010

Dear Shirley,

And I feel so blest to have met you and become your friend while you were in America!   I truly enjoy receiving your letters.

I want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you daily ? for you to regain your health, to overcome your vision problems, to continue using your natural talent/skill to paint the beautiful pictures, and to be able to enjoy life to the fullest!

It was so good to see you again when you were here visiting with your art show and I still receive compliments on the beautiful gift you gave me for my birthday.   :-)

Also, one of my most prized possessions is the beautiful picture you painted for me and then the photograph I have of you standing before it where I have it proudly displayed in my office.

Please enjoy the beautiful fall season, stay in touch, and I look forward to seeing you when I return to China. :-)

Sincerely yours,

A Good Responding from Mrs. Wanda R. from USA Sep 14, 2010

Dear Shirley,

Praise the Lord for your good report.   I will keep praying for complete healing for you and for you to have good rest, a nice reunion with family members, and a great vacation that will help you heal and feel refreshed.   

You are very special!   We love and appreciate you!

Love and prayers,

A Good Responding from Dr. Donoher W. J. from USA Sep 13, 2010


Happy to hear some good news.   Hope the next results turn out well.

A Good Responding from Mr. Gilbert P. from France Sep 13, 2010(Extract)

Petite Shirley

I am glad that your health, both physically and mentally to get better. We must continue to be very courageous and overcome, morally, your health problems.

I hope that your health will recover quickly.

In the meantime I kiss you hard.


A Good Responding from Mr. Greg S. from USA Sep 13, 2010

Hello Shirley:

It is so great to hear your news about the biopsy coming back with no cancer.   Now I am wishing   you the best on you second test and I look forward to hearing the good results on Wednesday.

Please rest and be sure to get something to eat!

Zhu ni shen ti hen hao ye sheng huo hen kaixin!.

Best Regards,


A Good Responding from Mr. Lloyd M. from Switzerland Sep 13, 2010

Dear Shirley,
I am so glad that things are working out for you and to have friends and relatives around. How are you feeling now ? How is your weather over there ? Here it is nice cool weather.

Well take care and have a nice evening,


A Good Responding from Mr. Ali K. from USA Sep 13, 2010

hi Shirley

i am very glad to hear that you are well and fine after the surgery. hopefully the test will come negative . thank god that you are in good company who take care of you . Shirley you are a good woman an deserve the best you had giving a lot and now everyone i supporting you you have to be proud of yourself lady. please keep me posted and let me what is going on



A Good Wish from Prof Carol A. from USA Sep 12, 2010


My prayers are especially with you now.   I do think that God brings about good circumstances.

I am hoping that you will have the best test results and medical decisions.

I am continuing to paint some, I like to try to paint animals and designs.   Your painting are wonderful, I feel much happiness when I look at them.

Take Care, Carol

A Good Wish from Dr. John C. from USA Sep 11, 2010

Best of luck to you.

A Good Responding from Mr. John C. from China Sep 11, 2010

Dear Shirley,

Much suprirse to receive your e-mail and regarding the illness. I am so sorry to hear this, I don't have knowledge about medical issue, but I do hope everything will be well with you.

Life is fragile, we must handle it with care. Keep in touch and hope can hear a good news from you.

Best regards,

A Good Responding from Mr. Don C from USA Sep 9, 2010(Extract)

Dear Lady,

It is with a great sadness that I read your last letter of your 'Difficult and Happiest Day' dated 5 September 2010.

I wish I was closer or that you had more friends about helping you as needed. From what I read you are receiving the best of care. I know Chinese Doctors to be extremely skillful as my own Doc is Chinese. Going back to Beijing I believe is a sound plan.   I notice that you are not eating properly and on time. It is most important that you keep your strength. I do know in times like this one does not relish food.

I urge you to paint, paint and paint. I visualize your happiest times are with a brush in hand and vivid dancing colors before you.   Please send to all of us on the other side of the world your progress reports. Our hearts and prayers are with you Dear Lady.   Your humble servant   

Don C.

A Good Responding from Mrs. Wanda R. from USA Sep 9, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Thank you for the update..   I am still praying for you and complete healing.   You are such an inspiration to others.

Love and prayers,

A Good Responding from Mr. Jean P. from France Sep 8, 2010(Extract)

good evening dear SHIRLEY! Are you okay? I hope that your health problem will get better! You can continue your activities especially painting that I find that it has evolve, you have good progress!   

take good care of you and good luck!   

at j - p coming soon!

A Good Responding from Mr. Fred. R. from USA Sep 8, 2010(Extract)

My dearest Shirley,

I am always happy to hear from you and know of your progress within your field of endevour. Not happy but saddened by your health staus but glad that things are being done to remedy the situation. I wish with all my heart for a full recovery for you. As always, you are in my prayers and my hopes for you are to find wellness and a continuation of the good that you attempt to bring into the world.

As I read your emails, I find that what you do is not only for yourself but the advancement of others around you. It is a Christian thing and I am sure that the Lord is looking down on you and having pity on you. With the world being as it is today, I am sure that He can use all the goodness that He may find in man. I watch, read and listen to the news on the radio and TV and I find much to be concerned about within this world of ours. To many fights over religious differences. It is why I claim no religious denomination or secular beliefs. I read and attempt to adhere to what is written within the pages of the Bible. I have no fears of what I learn being wrong for I am swayed by no other man's beliefs or teachings. I claim Christianity on the basis of what I believe. It is the belief in the Lord Jesus and that He came and died for us all. I go no further, questioning no man's beliefs. My feelings are that any and everyone has the right to believe as they see fit. Answering to no Earthly man but to God above.

I do hope for your continued improvement and a wellness that would carry you much further into life. May the blessings of the Lord be on you and hope that you also will pray for your cure. The blessings of the Lord be upon you, in Jesus' name.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,


A Good Responding from Mr. Joe F. from USA Sep 7, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Thanks a million for your kind heart to share with me.

After reading your e-mail, I extremely admire you, your courage, your spirit......
you up lift me.

With so many great opportunities ahead of you, you need a good health to carry on.

So, I sincerely hope that you will do well in any of the medical test and any treatment that will lead to a promising future. I pray that our al-mighty God will be on your side. He will land you a healing hand.and that you will be well.

Our last day of holidays of summer is ended today September 6, American Labor Day.

We all go back to school, to work.

Love to hear from you

Joe Fong

A Good Responding from Dr. Peter R. from USA Sep 7, 2010(Extract)

I am so glad that you have had such good news mixed in with your misfortunes.   Hope the tests come out good for you and that things go well at the Academy.   I’m happy to hear so many nice people are helping you through this.''

Best of luck!

A Helpful Offer from John D. from Canada Sep 7, 2010(Extract)


Hang in there, you are a natural born fighter; so you must find the strength to continue. It is not time to see your mother in heaven just yet.

Last week I was in Boca Raton, Florida, USA (see picture) -while I was there I found a medicine for your eyes:

The product is called Macula Hx - Eye Vitamins.

Hope this can help you,

Best regards,

A Good Responding from Peter Z. from China Sep 7, 2010


You are the happiest person in this world. You and your life are meaningful. So you have decided to go to Peking to study fine arts?

A Good Responding from Lee F. from USA Sep 7, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I am so sorry to hear about your health problem... I pray for your full recovery soon.

I have some good news. I finally finished my long recording project and it is on iTunes.

I am happy at 58 to still be making progress. Good luck with everything Shirley.

All my best,


A Good Responding from Mr. Clauld L. from Canada Sep 6, 2010(Extract)

ni hao ma?

love to see all your lovely things.

A Good Support from Mr. Michael B. from USA Sep 6, 2010(Extract)

Be strong, and I will pray for you and your family during this very difficult time.   Be strong, enjoy everyday, say I love you to all your friends and family,,,,,, Don't miss a single minute of your life...............



A Good Responding from Mr. Bob M. from USA Sep 6, 2010(Extract)

Congratulations on CAFA.

A Good Offer from Mr. Jeff Z. from China Sep 6, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I am sorry to hear about your health. Please let me know if you need any support for me. Wish you recover earlier!

My personnel best regards,


A Good Responding from Mr. Ronald F. from Philippines Sep 4, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,                           

You know, GOD always there for you. It because you have a good heart, miracle of saying that, because   there is changing in the condition of your sickness.

Take good care always my friend.


A Good Wish from Tao Liu from China Sep 4, 2010(Extract)

Shirley, good luck, God bless you

A Good Encouragement From Dr. & Mrs. Bill R. Booth from USA Sep3, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley:

I know how difficult it must be for you to handle your medical, emotional and career interests.   

I know how much you feel that you need to accomplish more with your art, music and poetry, which I am sure you will do.   But you should also think of what you have already accomplished by doing what you have done with your art.   You have touched the lives of many people and have given them a view of your world as seen through your eyes and in your poetry and songs you have opened your heart and they surely have sensed the sincerity and beauty of your thoughts and compositions both in music and poetry.

Sometimes when we are faced with difficulties we come to see the world more clearly and with a greater intensity than what we saw before.   You I think are in tune with your own thoughts and feelings to a greater degree that most and can I think bring out something of beauty from the pain that you feel inside.   It is said that pain makes you concentrate more on what you really desire to do.   This in not meant to suggest that we must feel pain in order to make things beautiful, but rather I think it make s us concentrate more on what we are doing to block out the pain.

I have every confidence in your purity of spirit and of your strong desire to get well and produce those things of beauty whether they are paintings, poems, songs or all of the above.   So look not at your present circumstances, but try to focus on the future and what you can do to make that time more precious.

Mrs. Booth and I send to you our very warmest and our kind wishes for a speedy recovery and for the return to your work.   Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and that if you continue to take the very positive attitude towards life and your health you will overcome many things that you might have thought were impossible.   I know that you have a strong will and that will be what will help you to recover faster as you have things yet undone that you want to finish so I expect that you will manage to achieve them.


Dr. & Mrs. Bill R. Booth

A Good Encouragement & Comment From Mr. Joe Jenkins from USA September 2, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley

I am concerned about your own health. I do hope you make progress on returning to a normal healthy and happy life.   

I loved both your pictures.   They are bright and cheery and radiate positive vibrations.

The survey course I am taking on Chinese history consists of 50, thirty minute lectures.   Even so, it just barely touches the surface of the long and interesting history of the Chinese people. What I am getting and retaining out of it is that from century to century, despite all the internal strife, the people keep coming back to what has become the core culture and traditions of the Chinese people that has evolved over many, many years.   The flexibility in thinking and governing has changed from time to time but in the crucible of history what has resulted is a people and a culture that has so much to offer the rest of the world.

The work ethic, the closeness of family ties, the emphases on education, the coming together as a family or families to achieve identified objectives whether in business or governance has enabled your country to eventually rise to prominence and take their rightful place in the global family.

This course is only a very small beginning in understanding and absorbing the things that bring us together that should be celebrated...... and the things that keep us apart which should be continuously studied and reviewed until we finally join hands as brothers and sisters in the global world.

Most Sincerely,

Joe Jenkins

A Good Responding From Mr. Gaoren L. from USA Sep 1, 2010

Hi Shirley,

I’m so glad to know that you are getting better. Good luck!

Best regards,